Winter of USA’s miscontent

Standing in front of a map installed at a location, one can effectively chart a course to destinations only if the “You are here” marker reflects reality (thankfully, cartographers generally do not operate on moods and myths when forming their descriptions and measurements).

Meanwhile, a government “by the people and for the people” would never force its people into war — given that military conscription is manifestly a form of slavery. Yet USA’s 37th Congress inflicted, upon its subjects, the 1863 Civil War Military Draft Act, and, in the same year, the Habeas Corpus Suspension Act.

Moreover, this slavery to end slavery was administered by Abraham Lincoln, who, in his telling letter to Horace Greeley a year prior, made clear that he would readily continue slavery if the survival of the Union required that continuation.

Then Lincoln “proclaimed emancipation” for precisely and only those slaves within the territories over which he no longer had authority, while leaving in bondage all slaves in those territories over which Lincoln still had authority — as an articulated strategy to maintain cohesion during Lincoln’s murderous War Of Northern Aggression.

Somehow, all this conniving and political-doubling-dealing survives, in the minds of the most credulous, as simply “the USA fought a war to end slavery — you’re welcome, black people.”

Honest, informed people will forgive the skepticism of slaves descendants in this matter.

For now, the USA will never reach any good destination, since the “You are here” marker on USA’s map of history is way off. Instead they will wander in the mire of proud self-delusion: the malevolent cowardice of infanticide, the self-directed sadism of sodomy, the chaos of perpetual war: this living death — however euphemized — is all that the USA will get, because this living death is all that the USA deserves — because this living death is what the USA has carefully crafted for itself and all its co-conspirators.

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