Penis Envy vs Her Happiness

Tolstoy once contended “all happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” Still, in the modern era, a common thread connects many unhappy families. Modern social-engineers call it “feminism.” Freud called it “penis-envy.”

A woman addicted to pretending authority over a man can never be happy: she can never appreciate a man so socially weakened that he must obey her — instead she will forever long for the kind of men who were strong enough to weaken her man for her.

This is similar to how a woman can never be sexually attracted to a man so physically weak that she can rape him (which is the only reason that pro-murder women do not constantly rape men; after all, if a woman is evil enough to believe that she deserves a man-made allowance to murder children for social and financial convenience, then surely she will believe that she deserves an allowance to rape men for sexual convenience — yet her needy non-penis is a desert around any man weak enough for her to overpower).

Thus, no woman wants to rule or rape a man — simply because she could only ever rule or rape a loser. But plenty a woman momentarily forgets this fact, time to time, when her frustrations and fears from life sufficiently shake and spin her mind. And thus surfaces the husk of a woman who would seek to rule or rape a man (though as for the female rapist: being the pitiful coward she is, a female rapist almost always chooses to rape women or children, because a female rapist does not have the labia to try raping an adult male — except for the passive, indirect social-rape of false rape-allegations, killing his child, indenturing his servitude, etc.).

The fact that no man or woman can long maintain the façade of female leadership is obvious. And one of the most obvious examples of this fact is the widespread phenomenon of the “single-mom,” which is what idiots and hypocrites call the costly social arrangement where a collective of men called “government” maintain (very temporarily) the appearance of social stability by providing safety and security for a woman so lowly and unlikeable that she cannot negotiate a commitment with any individual man beyond him flattering and placating her in exchange for the opportunity to masturbate with her disappointing body.

Converse to all that hell-on-earth: a normal healthy woman craves leadership from an individual male — because she craves fertilization and motherhood. Nevertheless, the current death-cult, in its war against normal women and life itself, tortures any woman who attempts the normalcy of subordinating herself to a man.

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