The fake charisma of black pets


Anthony “Prettier than a fat Mexican” Joshua posing in the shower to encourage erections for the homosexual white men who bankroll Joshua’s cock-fights.

Leading up to the title fight, Andy Ruiz was 33-0, with 1 win robbed from him in New Zealand, in a decision so biased that New Zealand Professional Boxing Association President Lance Revill resigned. This, after 29-year-old Ruiz’s amateur career of 105-5.

But like Thomas Jefferson supposed of black people generally: Anthony Joshua was brave from a want of forethought, which prevented him from accurately seeing danger until it was upon him.

“If I lose to that fat Mexican, you’re never going to see me again,” laughed silly, mediocre, narcissistic peacock Anthony Joshua in an interview (5:28) leading up to his fight with Fat Mexican Andy Ruiz Jr.

The black pets of the modern white death-cult are nothing if not laughably faux-charismatic. But how charismatic is an Anthony Joshua (or a Barack Obama) actually—when society’s delusional TV-fed mobs will denounce, as hateful and racist, and dutifully brigade anyone who does not play along with the fake charisma of white elites’ black pets?
So when the fat Mexican brutalized the mediocre narcissist, plenty took their little chocolate hero under the wing and pretended Anthony Joshua has redeeming qualities, and is not just a puffed up, mediocre failure. Thus, recently the mediocre narcissist’s handlers made some pity-porn fake humility nonsense to hype up Joshua’s rematch with the Fat Mexican.

The pity-porn fake humility nonsense would actually mean something if only Joshua had not been at plenty pressers mocking Ruiz. Instead, Joshua is just another chocolate peacock pet who bought into his own silly celebrity.

Moreover, just as when white handlers addicting their narcissistic black pets to word-policing “nigger” causes the pets to be frantic, violent wrecks—so too does addicting the pets to a stunning degree of fake charisma create the Anthony Joshuas of the world: vain, boring, fragile black losers who, in the end, are only strong and charismatic when compared to the pale, pallid enablers who pitifully live through the loser’s carefully crafted facade.

Meanwhile, Ruiz easily humiliating Joshua is not even as big of a deal as when Joe Calzaghe, an undefeated white champion, absolutely embarrassed rapping boxer and black hothead peacock Roy Jones Jr. And Joshua vs Ruiz was not nearly as embarrassing for the black pet as what is coming up: when Ruiz terrorizes Joshua a second time.

It is a matter of fact that the more these white devils hype up their mediocre black pets (to distract from the mass-extermination of blacks) — the harder it will be for the black pets to handle defeat with anything approaching dignity (and the harder it will be for the wider society to recognize and respect the plight and fight of normal black people).

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