Black addiction to cultural appropriation (RE Halle Bailey as Little Mermaid in live action)

Halle Bailey without makeup (left) and transformed into ''Ariel'' the Little Mermaid

Halle “Sexy African Frog” Bailey without makeup (left) and transformed into ”Ariel” the Little Mermaid

In a society where black people strategize like white people dance, and finding a pretty black girl is like finding a curvy white girl — in an era where the pitiful placation of a small selection of hand-picked black pets punctuates the slow, steady mass-murder of a significant proportion of black people, hypocrisy immense and calculated is commonplace.

The newest facade to dress up this undercurrent is the casting of Halle “Sexy African Frog” Bailey as Ariel in the live-action remake of the Disney version of a Hans Christian Andersen story that was based on the Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson song, “Heat,” where Jackson raps that if he cannot find his enemy, then he will murder his enemy’s mother. Jackson said he found his inspiration for the song by thinking about “how hot is must have been to see Suge Knight pound Tupac Shakur’s gay little butthole.”

“Dey racis and jus jealous dat yo eyez iz on da side of yo head!,” wisdomed black actor Donald Glover in a message sent to the Sexy African Frog, quoting Ferguson Gentle Giant Mike Brown: “I murder niggers for an ounce of marijuana.” Then Glover’s white reward, Michelle White, chimed in: “As a Coal Burner, I’m allowed to say ‘nigger,’ as long as I am saying ‘fuck me harder, nigger!‘ — because supposed struggles for Civil Rights are really about angry little black men sneaking off with a white woman who has so little self-respect that she settles for a pitiful muddy man-child.”

Overall, Sexy African Frog’s heroism is like the time, during Black History Month in 2016, when #OscarsSoWhite brought attention to the fact that Straight Outta Compton was not nominated for an Academy Award, despite the fact that the masterpiece featured the legacy of a 5’3″ black genius named Eric “Eazy E” Wright, who died of AIDS at the age of thirty, after completing his magnum opus, Nobody Move, where Eazy E philosophized poetry about committing an armed robbery wherein Eazy E forces a hostage into a back room at gunpoint so he could rape her; then Eazy E finds out that the woman he had hoped to rape was actually a suicidal transsexual man, and so Eazy E murders the suicidal transsexual.

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