Michael Jordan as a cultural icon

Everyone who grew up in the 90’s and played basketball wanted to be like Mike. Well, I finally made the 90’s wannabes’ pilgrimage to the shrine of gambling-addict and slavery-profiteer Michael “Air” Jordan — the best-marketed celebrity in history (even better marketed than Hulk “at least marry a rich nigger” Hogan).

And yet, even with all his bougie white-trash “success,” His Airness could not prevent his own father from being bullet-lynched and dumped in a Carolina swamp.

This year, MJ is 56 years old—the same age his father James was when forensic scientists needed 10 days to identify dad’s severely mangled corpse.

Daniel Andre Green was implicated in the murder of James Jordan only by self-serving snitching from Green’s Obama-supporting co-defendant; yet a jury of both Green’s white and white-washed peers convicted Green, who is currently being tortured in white devils’ for-profit prison-industrial-complex. Green’s legal appeals are ongoing.

Meanwhile, much more than zero of the gulags that yearly manufacture millions of MJ’s murder-magnet “J’s”: they have nets outside their corporate cages — to prevent self-murder by the miserable slaves who stitch together the poisonous status-symbols for the freedom-fighters at Nike — who love you.

And you can tell that Nike loves you because they are willing to leverage some kneeling mulatto to make lots of money, while providing cowards, frauds, and hypocrites with an excuse to talk about something other than USA’s ongoing, worldwide mass-extermination of black and brown people.

(Just like Nike — and the NBA, etc — manufactured Michael Jordan’s celebrity, as an athletic negro who was also tolerable, to distract atrophied and pallid fools and cowards from USA’s nationwide and worldwide terrorism during that time.)

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