Death-cult Romance Novel: Hijacked white girl featured by boring brown woman at hijacked university

Marty Shapiro feels young again, rubbing up against homeless 15-year-old Arielle metzger (Florida 2011)

Objective met: Marty Shapiro feels young again, rubbing his body up against fresh-faced homeless 15-year-old Arielle Metzger (Florida 2011).

In 2011, CBS News presented tacky social-porn which they called Hard Times Generation: Families living in cars, which featured cute 15-year-old Arielle metzger, and, as texture, her irrelevant father and younger brother.

A month later, a retired Jew leveraged the pittance he had collected in his life to lure the homeless Floridian family to his beach house, probably hoping to have sex with the Arielle. Studies indicate that he likely settled for peeping on her constantly, groping her a few times, and stealing her underwear to masturbate to the scent of her vagina.

Eight years passed, and Arielle was renamed “Autumn Hope Johnson” by her obsessive, possessive foster squatter-parents, whose formal claiming of Arielle came with a pretense of “helping give her a fresh start.” Now, thanks to her squatter-parents, Arielle studies at Stetson University in Florida, a school named after hat-making squatter John B. Stetson, who renamed the school in his honor, changing the name from DeLand University, which reflected the name of the person who actually created the school.

Studies indicate that workaholic dalit Rajni Shankar-Brown feels less brown every time she helps to guide one of the white people displaced in the USA by workaholic dalits.

Caste of characters: Studies indicate that workaholic dalit Dr. Rajni Shankar-Brown (right) feels less brown every time she helps to guide one of the white people displaced in the USA by workaholic dalits.

For more than a century after the school’s inception, long after DeLand University had been hijacked by squatter Stetson, the school was associated with the Southern Baptist tradition.

Now, instead, the school is just a common diversity dungeon, featuring such boring brown people as Workaholic Dalit Professor Rajni Shankar-Brown, who recently thanked her own parents for “persevering despite poverty and racism’s many hurdles,” before introducing “Autumn Hope Johnson” as a former homeless girl who now works with the workaholic dalit to make sure that, whenever possible, pretty white girls are extracted from their families and given targeted, individualized, exclusive help.

In March 2019, the hijacked school continued in the social-porn tradition, featuring the workaholic dalit and the hijacked daughter, in the “diverse” school’s exceedingly tacky PR article, “Stetson Student Who Overcame Homelessness Gets Standing Ovation at Conference.”

The article contains no mention of the brother or father — they are “probably dead or in jail or something” (a phrase once casually used by a persian single-mother to tell me where she thought the absent father was in a Bollywood social-porn about a “single-mother” whose daughter bends over backwards to help mommy find a good guy — because that is the role of children, in the minds of “single-moms” and their social-pornographer enablers: leverage).

The article quotes Arielle: “I thank Stetson for the opportunity to prove myself to the world and to myself. I walk with new confidence. There are so many people I want to thank. I also thank my family who took me in, who adopted me, who loved me when no one else was there.” She then bragged through a bible verse: “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith” (2 Timothy 4:7).

Studies indicated that only rocket-scientists and brain-surgeons could have predicted that the 2011 CBS News article would result in help only for the attractive, young, white girl (so thank white Jesus for all the “Marty Shapiros” out there, willing to sniff, grope, and molest homeless white children and runaways).

Fun fact: that extra concern for women and girls is why, in many middle eastern countries, the male children get double the inheritance of female children: for boys, there is no “Stetson University,” so to speak, where workaholic dalits repurpose desperate white girls to usher in matriarchal middle-management for the patriarchal death-cult.

And research from leading universities indicate that obsessive, possessive foster parents would far rather hijack a girl than a boy — unless the foster parents are suicidal lesbians: Studies indicate that once a woman accepts socially-engineered hatred and fear of men to the point of becoming a sexist suicidal loser addicted to mimicking procreation with other sexist suicidal losers of the same sex — those lesbians do not mind collecting boys to kill.

Meanwhile, the death-cult’s excessive, indeed obsessive concern for women and girls will not nearly balance out the lack of concern for men and boys (i.e. young men). Thus, we see the karma reflected in all the stories about “helpless homeless women” (even as the vast majority of homeless are men). Assuage any doubt about this by observing the workaholic dalit’s homeland, where throngs of aimless loser women call for the murder of men, based solely on accusations by women.

hang the rapist india

“Hysteria ought to solve our problems!” —The pitiful dalit matriarchy of shithole india.

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