Defense of Kanye West (aka criticism of those who criticize Kanye)

I am no fan of Kanye West. At all. I don’t think he is a “musical genius” — or even tolerable. But all the leftist scapegoating of Kanye is hot garbage. And the only thing worse than the leftist scapegoating of Kanye — is the right pretending to be an alternative to the left in the matter. Both terrorist organizations — the Republicans and the Democrats — see the Kanyes of the world as absolutely nothing beyond a chocolate mascot.

Spending my late teens in California kid-jails, I was around plenty Kanye Wests: short, soft, loud-mouth, insecure braggers who were desperate for attention and respect. And that is where most Kanye Wests end up: in jail or somewhere similar, getting knocked out or otherwise hoed for fronting so hard that they forget it’s an act — and that they are a fraud.

But the modern plantation definitely rewards the most marketable short, soft, loud-mouth black braggers with massive attention and “fame,” in order to tempt black (and non-black) children into a life wasted on terrible priorities — chasing the acceptance and appreciation of losers in the pale and sickly white death-cult.

Moreover, nothing validates and masturbates the death-cult’s two-headed political-hydra more than the myths surrounding slavery, the War of Northern Aggression (aka the “Civil war”) — and the myths about race-relations generally during USA’s history.

And then slave-descendant Kanye West dared to characterize slavery as a “choice.” Immediately came the filtered, fed response from a chorus of black (and non-black) pets on the expanded plantation: “A ‘choice’!? What choice did the slaves have!?”

Such are the questions asked only by docile, defeated black (and non-black) cowards, whose idea of a “freedom fighter” is MLK — a short, soft, loud-mouth, insecure bragger, who advocated “nonviolence” towards white men — even as he was beating up black women behind the scenes. These cowardly fools have no idea what Malcolm X or Medgar Evers would have done to MLK for beating black women — much less do they know anything that Nat Turner ever did. So instead, the black (and non-black) fools call for the social lynching of Kanye West — because he broke the holiest of USA’s commandments: Thou shalt not doubt the myths of the white-trash uniparty and its pale and sickly death-cult.

Kanye West was kidnapped by “mental-health professionals” for saying slavery can be a choice (and for complimenting Donald Trump). Meanwhile, plenty people know that Thomas Jefferson “owned slaves.” But what they conveniently never learned is that Jefferson’s most famous “slave” (with whom he had several children): she had been a free woman in France — and had willfully negotiated to come to the Colonies as Jefferson’s slave. “Well, that can’t possibly be true! — because the Republicans, Democrats, and TV in general never told me that!” Cool story, bro.

Also, plenty Kanye critics mainstreamed the dismissal of his comments as coming from a place of “black self-hatred.” But (mainstream) mentions of “black self-hatred” are nowhere to be found when 20 million black babies have been murdered in the womb since a white Republican wrote the 1973 Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade. “Black self hatred” is not a (mainstream) topic when the death-cult’s most famous black mascot — Michael Jackson — spent tons of his crumbs to pay doctors for carving up and bleaching his black skin. And as for Kanye: “black self-hatred” was never a (mainstream) topic when Kanye paid for the cosmetic surgery that killed his mom — surgery that would have served only to quell her black self-hatred.

But again: to hear the death-cult’s puppets, pawns, and pets tell it: “Kanye bad. . . because . . . slavery bad! God bless Lincoln, God bless MLK, God bless White Jesus!” Foh.

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