The Second Worldwide Flood: Digital Slot-machines as Dopamine Syringes for Slaves Addicted to Panic

“Aesop was a liar: fast and frantic wins the race!,” laughed the engineer, as he tightened down the mental harness.

Calm, constructive intelligence of the human mind: this alone had separated man from woman — and them from beasts.

But panic channeled that intelligence into jittery survival instincts — shrinking the panickers’ field of vision, literal and figurative: reducing calm, constructive intelligence by a standard deviation, which rendered the panickers’ responses more beastly, more predictable — more manageable by the inducer of panic.

Functionally speaking: panic prevented functional thinking beyond the immediate, worrisome moment.

To induce panic was to control thought. To infuse, into that induction, a tiered system of panic-reduction — loaned, day to day, to those beasts deemed sufficiently docile — was to be a politician.

And the most mind-dominating politicians of that era were the hoards of engineers who created, stocked, and stalked the digital slot-machines: the dopamine syringes that kept the generation of slavish veal in a constant state of miserably pleasure-addicted, self-selected panic: the second worldwide flood.

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