Black mother Marshae Jones’s “It”: Another dead black baby — another victory for USA’s pro-murder death-cult

Nothing is more important than reducing the number of people in the world — especially the number of black children — according to USA’s pro-murder death-cult (UPMDC). And so UPMDC scored a huge victory in Alabama when a bullet tore apart Marshae Jones’s unborn child in the womb.[1]

The shooter, black woman Ebony Jemison,[2] was a perfect candidate for the death-penalty, or a lifetime in prison that would fund the Prison-Industrial-Complex. But instead, charges aginst Jemison were dropped[3] by black woman Prosecutor Lynneice Washington — the first black woman in Alabama’s history to serve as district attorney in the state.[4]

Washington determined that Jones brutalized Jemison badly enough to justify Jemison shooting Jones in self-defense,[5] a standard which, by Alabama law, requires that Jemison must have reasonably believed that Jones was using, or was about to use, deadly physical force.[6]

Jones’s wild, manly attack caused the death of her unborn child. So Jones was charged with Manslaughter — “in a case that stirred national outrage”[7] among USA’s pro-murder death-cult, which carefully defends the rights of people to murder children — especially black children. After much “outrage” by USA’s pro-murder death-cult, Prosecutor Washington dropped all charges against Jones.[8]

Taking time away from moderating discussions about “the domestic violence crisis”[9] at Harvard’s School of Public Health, Anti-truth Anti-life White-trash Maniac Melissa Jeltsen of Huffpost framed the consequences of Jones’s wild, manly, deadly attack as follows: “Alabama wants to imprison Marshae Jones. Her crime was being shot while pregnant.”[10]

Of the event, hate-filled, Harvard-trained mulatto Farah Stockman wrote the following for the New York Times: “The grand jury sought to hold someone accountable for its death.”[11]

In Stockman’s writing, “it” refers to the black child that died in the womb of Marshae Jones. And to use the hate-filled mulatto’s terminology: that dead black “it” is one of more than 20 million black children who have died in the womb[12] since a 1973 Supreme Court of six old white men and a mulatto decided, with Roe v. Wade, that child-murder is a human right.[13]

And that famous pro-murder Court decision which so many anti-life democrats worship — was written by Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun: a Republican.[14]

Of Republicans’ pro-death legislation in Roe v. Wade, which democrats now worship, Jesse Jackson famously said the following: “As a matter of conscience I must oppose the use of federal funds for a policy of killing infants.”[15]

Even more famously, Jackson said the following:

“Politicians argue for abortion largely because they do not want to spend the necessary money to feed, clothe and educate more people. Here, arguments for inconvenience and economic savings take precedence over arguments for human value and human life… Psychiatrists, social workers and doctors often argue for abortion on the basis that the child will grow up mentally and emotionally scarred. But who of us is complete? If incompleteness were the criteria for taking life, we would all be dead. If you can justify abortion on the basis of emotional incompleteness, then your logic could also lead you to killing for other forms of incompleteness — blindness, crippleness, old age.”[16]

Now, Jackson is part of USA’s pro-murder death-cult,[17] which marches on: advocating for the extermination of as many people as possible — especially black babies.


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