The plight of Obsessive, Compulsive Therapists (OCT)

If you are a florist, and not attentive to detail, then you are a bad florist.

If you are a soldier, and not attentive to detail, then you are a dead soldier.

If you are a parent, and not attentive to detail, then you are a neglectful parent.

Yet when you are “too” attention to detail — certain frauds will pretend that you have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

But none decree “OCD” beyond Obsessive, Compulsive Therapists (OCT), who themselves are addicted to diagnosing their patient-victims by various imaginary, pseudo-medical fads. These days, some of the most popular pseudo-medical fads among obsessive, compulsive therapists are Toxic Masculinity Syndrome (TMS), Motherhood-Minded Womyn Disorder (MMWD), and Autism aka Disobedient Adolescent Disorder Linked to Envying Sadistic Sluts (DADLESS).

For their war against life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness — leaders of various modern death-cults enlist OCT to destroy the potential of disobedient people, by formally pathologizing normal behavior among disobedient people.

And one of OCT’s most popular blanket-terms (which branches into many variations of a Scarlett Letter) is the notion of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder — which is a general term for “doing what you are not supposed to do.” Thus, OCT are enemies of goodness, decency, and truth.

And while OCT’s patient-victims are at least OCD about various things to which the patient-victims consistently attend — OCT, on the other hand, are OCD about something to which OCT nearly never attend: their patient-victims, people in whom OCT are always completely uninterested — beyond simplistically labeling the patient-victim, to earn a paycheck for paying off the money-lenders who financed the limp, boring OCT’s pornographic indoctrination into the bright, blinding art of normalcy-shaming, where OCT learned to notice something normal (like an energetic child, a sad woman, or a cowardly man) and then to attach some obsessive, compulsive, abnormal, clinical label (ADHD, Depression, Erectile Dysfunction) — to justify OCT giving drugs or taking control in some other way.

These OCT — obsessive, compulsive therapists — do not need enabling in their proud, petty, anti-truth delusions: they need help. And, until they get help: they deserve rejection.

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