Anti-fascism and the importance of murdering ex-Muslims

“The only good Muslim is a dead Muslim”
-Insane, evil, islamaphobic people who should be caged for their hate-speech.

“The only good ex-Muslim is a dead ex-Muslim”
-Every single Muslim who knows and follows the rules of Islam.

Last week, the sane and freedom-loving heroes of anti-fascist “antifa,” the Democrat frontline of the current civil war in the USA, officially welcomed, into their peaceful ranks, two more segments of society.

According to a cohesive and reasonable speech calmly given by an antifa spokesthem who goes by the name of “Caitlyn Jenner’s testicles were racist anyways,” antifa has welcomed, as members, “two of the most oppressed subcultures in Amerikkka”:

(1) Jews who cut up baby dicks, suck the mutilated baby dicks, transmit herpes to the children thereby killing the children, then are stereotyped and shamed by intolerant antisemites;

(2) Muslims who work tirelessly in the shadows to find and murder—in accordance with Islamic law—those apostates who turn their back on the truth of Allah that was revealed in the Muslim bible by Allah’s final prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him in Muslim heaven, and his 72 extremely flexible toddler brides, none of whom has a gag reflex).

In other news, the Progressive FBI reports that white Christians have officially become the most criminal demographic in the USA. The report came only days after the FBI announced that it is now a crime to be Christian or white.

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