How to torture women with the myth of equality

Anti-father, anti-family misogyny underpins all gender equality myths, destroying the potential of countless a woman — torturing her away from being healthy and happy in her natural circumstance: subordinate to a man.

No one really believes the myth of equality. Imagine a woman immersed in the pretended success of equality: The man whom her looks and charms has attracted is her complete equal — in height, strength, courage, finances, and status.

Such a woman, perpetually disappointed and inconvenienced and saddened by such horrible equality, must always fear the stigma against openly lamenting her low social-market value, or otherwise she must complain, openly and specifically and constantly, about how miserable she is to have been stuck with her mirrored mate: a short, weak, cowardly, poor, unimportant man.

Elsewhere in the torture-chamber of equality, a far higher (and carefully hidden) number of female members in the military, policing, sports, etc. — with their relatively frail bones — routinely break, are callously discarded, and then spend the rest of their relatively long life: wrought with constant fear and dread brought by chronic pain.

And, in the belly of the equality-beast: pitiful, penis-envying, man-hating feminists must degrade womanhood to a caricature by welcoming, into their ranks, any delusional, suicidal, self-hating man in a wig who “identifies as a woman” — or else the gate-keepers and taskmasters of equality will mark and shun the man-hating feminists, with the pejorative term “TERF”: trans-exclusionary radical feminist.

Meanwhile, man-hating women (especially women whose misandry has retarded them into the slow suicide of homosexuality) continue to be the most domestically violent and sexually criminal demographic in the nation.

All this — her masochistic, misogynistic misery — simply to prop up the myth of equality: to addict every woman (who is foolish enough to play along) to the lie that she is happy without a man to rule over her.

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