Beth Chapman dies as she lived: Cancerous

Gluttonous, penis-envying bad mother Beth Chapman died today in Hawaii, from a condition known as being a fat, cancerous loser.

The silver-lining is Chapman’s death. The bad news is the upcoming news cycle that will pretend Chapman was anything other than a pitiful, disgusting, hypocritical monster. Chapman leaves behind her failure of a husband, Duane “Dog” Chapman, who enabled her psychopathy throughout her slow suicide. Also surviving Chapman are her many children whom she failed as a mother, including her weak, petty, penis-envying bondsman prodigy daughter Lyssa Rae Chapman.

The Chapmans rose to notoriety among aimless losers in the mid-2000’s by spending about a decade on the TV show “Dog the bounty hunter,” which trivialized the plight of citizens with legal troubles, to provide entertainment for aimless losers whose fetid character is their own rewarded punishment.

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