Corporate Crack: Why capitalist taskmasters love the caffeine industry (and hate marijuana)

Imagine a “white supremacist nation” that built its laws around punishing hard-working, obedient blacks — and rewarding lazy, disobedient whites. Now, set aside that cartoon world, and it should be obvious why race-neutral capitalist taskmasters love caffeine-addicts — and hate potheads.

Capitalism vs Racism, even in the Jim Crow South. How easy to recognize that a greedy capitalist could have all the race-hatred in the world — but still care more about the bottom line: profit. Consider: widely known is that during the era of the “Jim Crow South,” there were laws against blacks going into “white only” establishments. But why? “Well, because whites hated blacks — RAAAR!” Maybe. But if so, then there would be no need for a law: racist whites would just keep blacks out. And plenty did (and, of course, more than zero still do). However, the need for a law arose because plenty whites (likely most) would rather have earned black money than play along with white racism. Thus the need for race-based laws against capitalists, since Capitalism is inherently race-neutral: “You got money? Well come on in!”

Anti-marijuana laws are race-neutral. Plenty people pretend to believe that certain drug laws are race-based: “Statistically, that law effects this demographic more — therefore that law was intended to target this demographic.” But imagine a world where blacks all religiously indulged in caffeine — and became the jittery, frantic, self-enslaved work-bots that plenty whites use caffeine to become. Now pretended to believe that, in such a scenario, you would have racist whites calling for laws against caffeine — to target blacks. Maybe somewhere you could find such a cartoon character racist, but they would obviously be eaten alive, at least politically, by all the greedy whites happily benefitting from the black caffeine-head “model employees.” (Note: “caffeine-head” is like “crackhead” — but for caffeine-addicts.)

No amount of “white privilege” will save a white pothead. If your mind can somehow imagine laws targeting black caffeine-heads — then you can probably also imagine business owners rewarding white pothead employees who have no work-ethic. But believing that would require quite a lot of delusional mental-gymnastics.

Moral of the story: Corporate Crack, aka caffeine, is here to stay, because Corporate Crack facilitates the zombified living-death of permanent sleep-deprivation that creates great profits for the goofy losers who run the modern corporate slave-plantations.

And regardless all the petty, personalized politics: every intelligent, attentive, honest person can readily recognize and easily admit that laws criminalizing certain addictions, and rewards encouraging other addictions, are all about one thing: control. And where slave-masters want hard, long work — they will praise caffeine-addicts and shame marijuana addicts; and if ever those same slave-masters want to lead legions of droopy, needy slobs into slow, quiet, gradual suicide: marijuana-addiction will be an obvious option.

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