“Torture your kids to Harvard!” Life-advice from Chinese sociopaths continues to charm the worst parents in the USA and beyond

On her Facebook, a friend posted a video of an Asian girl “dancing beautifully.” Rather than crushing the spirit of my friend’s post with harsh facts, I will place those facts here.

Child-abuse as a parental life-hack

Long story short: Asians “excel” in academia (etc.) often for the same reasons that slave-class Mexicans “excel” at contract-negotiation in the Southwest United States:

Slave-class Mexicans are allowed (indeed encouraged and expected) to forgo standards of decency (and law, such as maximum-occupancy restrictions on dwellings), even as their would-be competitors obey those same laws and standards, leaving the would-be competitors at a disadvantage in negotiations for labor (slave-class Mexicans can afford to “charge” less than market-value for their labor — because they break laws and live in squalor).

And likewise Asians are allowed (indeed encouraged and expected, now, by such sociopaths as Amy Chua) to ignore standards of decency and law regarding the treatment of children — so more than few Asians berate and beat their children into “success” (else mediocrity and suicide).

Some abusive self-hating Catholic Asian lady from Indiana has an opinion . . . ORDER NOW!

In 2011, Amy Chua wrote the book “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother,”[1] with “Tiger Mother” being a euphemism for the miserable, pitiful, abusive Chinese women who torture their children into myopic “excellence.”[2]

Quoth the Tiger Mom:

“Lulu [my four-year-old daughter] handed me her ‘surprise’ [for my birthday], which turned out to be a card. More accurately, it was a piece of paper folded crookedly in half, with a big happy face on the front. Inside, ‘Happy Birthday, Mummy! Love, Lulu’ was scrawled in crayon above another happy face. The card couldn’t have taken Lulu more than twenty seconds to make. . . . I gave the card back to Lulu. ‘I don’t want this,’ I said. ‘I want a better one – one that you’ve put some thought and effort into. . . . I have a special box, where I keep all my cards from you and Sophia, and this one can’t go in there.’ I grabbed the card again and flipped it over. I pulled out a pen and scrawled ‘Happy Birthday Lulu Whoopee! I reject this.'”[3]

Quoth the Tiger Mom:

“This seems like a good time to get something off my chest. The truth is, it wasn’t always enjoyable for Sophia to have me as a mother. According to Sophia, here are three things I actually said to her at the piano as I supervised her practicing:
1. Oh my God, you’re just getting worse and worse.
2. I’m going to count to three, then I want musicality!
3. If the next time’s not PERFECT, I’m going to TAKE ALL YOUR STUFFED ANIMALS AND BURN THEM!
In retrospect, these coaching suggestions seem a bit extreme. On the other hand, they were highly effective. Sophia and I were a great mother-daughter fit.”[4]

…in a nation that prioritizes robotic success, however attained, over humanity

Right about now, some might wonder, “Whatever happened to that crazy lady Amy Chua?” Well, the 5’6″, frail destroyer-of-childhoods can count the following among her accomplishments:

(1) Chua remains graduated by Harvard University and Harvard Law School; and a former professor at Duke Law School; and current professor at Yale Law School, which is consistently considered the number one law school in the world;[5]
(2) Chua remains married to her spineless, Jewish husband, Yale Law School Professor Jed Rubenfeld, the extent of whose fathering was for his wife to see “beads of sweat start to form on Jed’s forehead,” when Chua would build up the momentum to abuse their daughters.[6]
(3) Chua remains known as having groomed female Yale Law School students to be more sexually appealing, in order to earn a place in the law-clerk-harem of feminine cry-bully psychopath Justice Brett Kavanaugh.[7]

The legacy of cowardly, abusive losers

Meanwhile, based on suicide statistics, Chinese parents are consistently the biggest failures on earth — torturing their children, especially their daughters, into suicide at the highest rates in the world.[8]

And girl-murder remains hugely popular in china (and beyond).[9]

And the solution to many is to end the “discrimination” among child-murderers: “infanticide should be gender-neutral!”[10]

And the solution for many others is to bury the results of widespread abuse of Asian children, by “shaming” Harvard et al. for the “racism” of selecting against the book-smart, soul-retarded Asian child-abuse-victims who clamor at the gates of elite academia — desperately begging for a chance to make their abusive parents proud for once.[11]

And children abused by women are far more likely to continue the “cycle of abuse,” because abusive women are far more likely (than abusive men) to have their abuse ignored, mis-contextualized, or in some way downplayed — i.e. justified. Thus, a child abused by a woman (which is the majority of child-abuse victims) is far more likely to see abuse as useful and acceptable than if they had been abused by a man (given that the man’s abuse would have been rightly condemned and remedied). Indeed, Chua’s two daughters, having developed Beijing Syndrome (it’s like Stockholm Syndrome, but for chinks), plan to “raise their kids in the same [abusive] way [that their mother raised them].”[12]

“For every thousand hacking at the branches of evil, there is one striking the root” —Thoreau.


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