Living up to L’RACIST: The importance of blaming Mexican slaves for our problems

USA’s modern prison-systems are unconstitutional modern-slavery, at least until good people force bad people to remove profit-incentives from the systems that lead predictably (and actually) to overcowding — to the point of being torture of prisoners.

Anything short of removing those profit-incentives is, eventually, only hypocritical platitudes: empty lies.

For example, prisons in California are run by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, or CDCR for short. And the CDCR names its Core Values as: Leadership, Respect, Accountability, Collaboration, Integrity, Service, and Trust — or L’RACIST for short.

But their L’RACIST values mean nothing, if California continues to “warehouse” humans in a way that the Supreme Court of the United States denounced as “cruel and unusual punishment” — illegal by the highest law in the United States.

California’s L’RACIST Values are admirable — if actually implemented. But L’RACIST beliefs without L’RACIST actions fall short of morally acceptable.

To be clear: Virtually all criminals have excuses for their lawlessness. And they are no exception to this rule — the criminals of the CDCR, and those who abet the CDCR’s lawlessness, especially the judges, district attorneys, and law enforcement officers who continue to funnel people into unconstitutionally unsafe environments — even though they all know that California is far from living up to its L’RACIST promises. But good people will reject the “poor me” excuses of CDCR and their abettors as the sociopathic ramblings of a common criminal. Rather than pitying these traitors to the rule of law, good people (if any yet remain in our nation) will instead insist that California desist in its operation of a state-wide, unconstitutional modern-slave-plantation.

Yet solving California’s profit-driven, unconstitutional modern-slave-plantation is only a first step. After all, while California is, of course, a massive slave-state in its own right, still California also serves as a hub and a faucet for distributing slaves throughout the United States generally.

So we must always remember that California’s prison system usefully operates as an indispensable filter: a net to sort out the Mexicans who are too unruly to be our slaves. However, we must not forget that this same net which sorts our Mexican slaves for us — also contains many precious lower-class white men, whom our white supremacist nation has a solemn constitutional duty to protect.

For these reasons, it is vital that we all support the re-election of president Donald Trump — so that he can continue helping USA’s slave-classes to blame immigrants for the circumstances of our slave-state, in order to distract the nation from USA’s constant, worldwide terrorism.

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