“Mansplaining” as an extension of unnamed “Childsplaining,” at the Department of Indoctrination

To terrorize and torture their citizens into docility, tyrannical elements of the United States government conspire with their limp, slithering, bookwormish minions in the American Psychiatric Association (APA) clergy.

Together, they leverage hegemony over citizens, through many front-organizations, especially the Department of Indocrination, with its army of hyper-socialized, gangsterized, sycophantic, treasonous (death-worthy) traitors.

The chief purpose of the Department of Indoctrination is to abuse children into becoming manageable adults. For this aim, the Department, which is formally euphemized by the misleading moniker “Department of Education,” indoctrinates children into believing that disobedience is a mental disorder.

From very early on in each child’s life, the Department of Indoctrination’s insane and evil women — corrupt government’s most loyal servants — coordinate with the APA and other traitorous terror-cells to build a Scarlet Dossier on all children:

a dossier on even the best kids, so that government may one day whitemail them into ever greater docility as adults;

but especially a dossier on the most consistently disobedient kids — so that government has a useful mountain paperwork to justify disabling, separating, and destroying those children, once such a child appears physically aged enough to have outgrown the herd’s priority of preventing government from disabling, separating, and destroying children who may yet serve the herd as a useful human-doing of some sort later in life.

For that government, and its minions, the only calculation simpler than when and how to pre-murder potentially burdensome citizens who are yet unborn to the poor — is whether to exile, else exterminate, an ungratefully thoughtful citizen who has passed the necessary age.

“Childsplaining” is not (yet) among the sins outlined in dossiers compiled by tyrants to destroy children. But the most forward-thinking maniacs — at the Department of Indoctrination and elsewhere — have indeed invented “mansplaining” as a shorthand way to signal to each other that a child of sufficient age fails to exhibit sufficient docility and deference to corrupt government’s most loyal servants: insane, evil, weak, doomed women.

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