Socialism is supremely conservative — eventually

“So, you’re Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade? Wow! Can I touch you? I just think it’s, like, cool—what you’ve done; how you’ve made it possible for me to get my abortions,” tearfully gushed the doe-eyed believer to her patron saint of death.

Socialism is nothing more or less than a secular religion. And the religion of Socialism is supremely conservative — eventually. Yet to its “progressive” apostles and their followers, Socialism is, now, anything but conservative: “Socialism,” they preach, “is about action, change, caring, solving — evolving.”

Yet after Socialism strangles the last Republican with the entrails of the last Libertarian — then Socialism, unmasked, will endlessly apply its true, conservative nature: enforce its every commandment as faithfully and ruthlessly as any Bible verse, and insist upon the fulfillment of every detail of its every commandment — as meticulously, confidently, and single-mindedly as a computer runs any operation for which it has been programmed.

Socialism is a secular religion of deception, hypocrisy, tyranny, and death.

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