Pretended patriotism as an expectation of masochism, on the expanded plantation

Once upon a time, there were far more than few anti-justice, anti-truth zealots who decried — as “irresponsibility” and even “psychopathy” — anyone who ever attributed any terrible consequence of injustice to a corrupted system in society.

Each zealot pretended to believe one or more of the following three myths:

(1) that their society had never been tyrannical;
(2) that a tyrannical society can instantly baptize itself back to righteousness, and prevent the echoes of tyranny’s consequences, by (so-to-speak or literally) society giving its victims bread, circuses, better drinking fountains, black seats at schools filled with out-of-touch, spoiled white-devils, and so on;
(3) that even if a society has been tyrannical, and has failed to extend even token reparations: regardless, the problem is (and persists only when, and to the extent that) the victim’s vindictive, lazy desire for justice interrupts the natural process of grievances being fairly settled by everyone agreeing to “move on” — to cut their losses, or enjoy their gains.

Those sociopaths demanded that victims heal only through masochism.

And there were house-slaves in every victim-category. And tyrants selected carefully their mascots, for maximal effect. And the desired effect, in large measure, was always the Gaslighting of those remaining rebels in the victim-category.

Thus wind-up robo-frauds like Republican Thomas “I did it, so you can too” Sowell talked of Affirmative Action, among other measures, as if USA’s Affirmative Action had started many political fires — and all of them bad — even as Affirmative Action had been nothing but, at least-worst, the act of tossing wet, decorative parchment onto an already-raging inferno of injustice.

Moreover, there were grinning, drowning wannabe house-slaves like Jesse Lee Peterson: docile, white-worshiping frauds so dishonest as to make the ace of spades blush in embarrassment.

On and on the devils went — echoing a pretended patriotism that was nothing but an expectation that victims live and die as gratefully self-destructive, credulous masochists.

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