Judicial Pornography as slave-management &  revolution-prevention

Low expectation is a hell of a drug for slaves on the expanded plantations. Mix that drug with the cowardice of hero-worship and the pageantry of celebrity — and you get, among other poisons, the modern Judicial Pornography that so enthralls the most hopeless slaves among the unwashed, brainwashed masses.

Caso Cerrado” (case closed) is a hugely popular show in Mexico. It reminds aimless, slave-class Mexicans that the process of law amounts to nothing but two caricatures chattering in front of an old, ugly lady. The old, ugly lady then glares at each party, insults them, they laugh at her insults, she barks some sassy decree — then she shouts “Caso Cerrado!”

And then all the diabetic cattle in the audience (at the studio, and at home) slap their hooves together — as their elbows rest permanently on the spongy sloth-sack where their torso should be.

The overall purpose of Caso Cerrado and its many U.S. equivalents (e.g. Judge Judy, Judge Joe Brown, etc.) is to profit from slaves’ slow suicide by selling television advertisements for bread, circuses, and depression medicine, while masturbating the desperate, miserable, hypnotized slaves, to numb them temporarily from their fact-based fear that life is passing them by.

Judicial Pornography, as fast-food for that fear, promises lies to the dying slave:

“Don’t worry — you’re not missing out: Anywhere you go, people are just like you: they waste their lives drunken, angry, and addicted to gossip — begging anyone and everyone for just a speck of the attention and concern that they received as a child. Then life’s referee blows a whistle, flashes a death-card — then you drop everything, and scamper to the sideline of life with your head down.”

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