The RINO Republican party, its Satanic apologists in Christian clothes, and the rest of the doomed Uniparty

It was a time when a national government, bloated by the abscess of political faction, strangled Federalism and liberty, and thus prosperity — a bloating and strangling that lasted for as long as God chose to give over the rebels to pretenses that their own contemporary political-cobblings were the alpha and omega of philosophy: the beginning and end of moral consideration.

And while strategically scoffing the fewer and fewer remaining niggers who were proud to be voting-mules for the Democrat death-squad, many self-worshiping pseudo-Christian voting-mules satanically validated a Republican party whose singular selling-point was: “We are not the Democrats.”

But USA’s uniparty consistently revealed itself; when, for example, “Democrat” senators (Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton among them) spent the first decade of the 21st century funding USA’s terrorism against Afghanistan and Iraq — terrorism which began by the calculated, treasonous lies of a “Republican” presidential administration in 2001.

It was an era when “political compromise” meant nothing more or less than political conspiracy.

It was a era when Democrats rallied around the importance of conserving a Republican’s judicial opinion in Roe v. Wade, as both faces of the Uniparty pretended that the mythical court case was more than a symptom of their society’s decline — especially a symptom of the cowardice and vanity of those slithering Satanists who squandered their lives supplicating to that decline.

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