Shielding diligent, delicate albinos from the growls of ungrateful, uppity apes: Trump as the savior of mammies

trump with mammy

Diabetic mammy with blonde horse-hair thanks Trump Christ for rewarding nigger criminals with Get Out Of Jail Free cards: “When ya’ll passed dis, I coulda fell through da flo’.”

The ape swayed back and forth on its perch in the linoleum forest, shaking its massive black head left and right, and glaring angrily at the open space a few feet in front of its giant nostrils, as the ape bared its teeth at the mere thought of its enemy, while the ape howled and grunted at the assembled troupe. Occasionally frantic mimicry of the ape’s fiercest chatter echoed among the troupe — or else simply a loud and angry, “DAS RITE!!”

Sweat dripped down the ape’s neck and onto the collar of the untucked, lime-green shirt whose contrast stung the eye sharply against the purple satin vest and coat of the ape’s three-piece-suit that glimmered under the auditorium’s harsh lights at the town hall in Niggerville, USA.

“..and da nerve of deeze mufukin crakkkas, mah nigga,” the ape continued: “Da palest and sickliest part of deez white-devil muthufukas is their limp, condescending legal reasoning, which amounts to, ‘The greatest gift a full-fledged white person can give to a lowly nigger — is the benefit of being the nigger’s benevolent mentor and role-model.’ Well guess what muthafuka,” the frothing simian snapped, switching deftly between grins and scowls, as it bounced between addressing its troupe directly, and rhetorically interrogating the mental image of its white, liberal foe: “Mufuka if you think niggas tryin send dey keeds to be around your ole wet-dog-smellin, school-shootin, opioid-addicted, suicidal crakkka kidz — then how bout dis mufuka: don’t bus no mo’ niggas into yo schools — and fully fund niggas’ schools. Then see how many niggas is tryin spend they time around yo ugly ass kidz.”

Outside in the distance, a million miles away, a sea of cameras flashed in the Oval Office, as hundreds of television cameras broadcasted an auction-block’s worth of wide-eyed, big-lipped mammies tearfully greeting President Trump, thanking him for his visionary leadership of the nation’s black children — especially the adult ones, and presenting Trump with a replica NBA jersey whose back read “Trump” and front featured “MAGA #1.” Trump then autographed photos of each mammy’s son — all of whom had died in heroic service to USA’s perpetual terrorism for the anti-Jewish atheist-terrorist Zionists who currently occupy Palestine.

The nigger bitches then began bowing repeatedly to their master — each nigger bitch’s respectably melted hair flapping lifelessly against her ears and neck, as they all backed away from Willie Lynch and out of the room, speaking in one rehearsed voice: “You are our president; you are our father; you are God’s chosen one, who inspires us all to work hard in our sheds on the modern plantation!”

Around the nation, televisions faded from the White House to black silence — then the bright buzz of local affiliates advertising miracles to cure erectile dysfunction, depression, divorce, and other symptoms of white self-hatred. Millions of pale, sickly racist viewers smiled inwardly, having received the shot of emo-political adrenaline which, immediately merging with the the white-devils’ caffeine-laced nervous system, began providing the white liars enough delusion to trudge through another day of constant cowardice and hypocrisy — and the accompanying, well-earned misery.

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