China’s gender-life-gap: Mass-murder is the inevitable consequence of Feminism as a conspiracy of hypocrisy and insensitivity

Conditioning women into believing foolish feminist conspiracies — to teach women insensitivity against men — is simply to condition women into welcoming the neutralizing of women’s own protection. And the majestic balance of the created universe causes that only women worthy of destruction would thus neutralize their own protection.

The following prescribes nothing — it only describes the strategically earned destruction of feminist women and the feminine men who tolerate and enable hate-filled feminists.

Two-tiered tears: Feminism as the desensitizing of (and about) women

The fact that feminism is a man-hating, man-harming conspiracy is obvious — and intended. But feminism as a tool to normalize the hatred and harming of men is only a precursor to feminism as a tool for the mass-extermination of women.

After all, to harm women successfully on a massive scale requires more strategy and cunning than any other conspiracy in the world — since men protect nothing in the world, not even themselves, more than they protect women.

Men as her vestigial, phantom limbs: Feminism as a strategy to numb women

Feminism ingeniously lays the groundwork for the mass-extermination of women — first by conditioning women into a massive conspiracy of insensitivity: teaching women to tolerate, welcome, and reward the merciless, even needless harming of men, supposedly for women’s own selfish, myopic, gluttonous purposes.

“Feminism is a tool that seems right to those selfish, myopic gluttons — but in the end leads to their death.” —Proverbs 14:12 (paraphrased).

Suicide as the safest femicide: Feminism as a strategy to cull numbed women

Look easily to the slave-state of China to see the result of a culture that rewards conspiracies of insensitivity — to see that such conspiracies will always harm the weaker sex most of all.

Apart from the equally hellish slave-state of Bangladesh, China is the only country in the world where women self-murder as often as men. Indeed, while men self-murder exponentially more often than women everywhere else in the world — in China, women self-murder slightly more often.

According to a couple of malevolent chink liars: “The higher rate of suicide among women probably reflects the fact that Chinese women are of low social and economic position, and have few social resources to protect them, especially in remote areas.” Zhao et al., The sex ratio of suicide rates in China (NCBI 1994).

The privileges of non-murdered women: Feminism as a strategy to redirect attention

Moreover, in China, and anywhere feminism or similar hate-filled conspiracies exist, the slaughter of some women echoes pretended privilege for the women whom murderers spare.

Currently in China, the price of a bride is huge — far beyond the financial reach of the average Chinese male slave. In China, there are more than few men, politically-born yesterday, who cite China’s high bride-price as evidence of women’s empowerment.

Yet the price rose not by respect for women but rather by simple economics — Supply & Demand. And the increased demand for women arose simply by the decreased supply of women. And that decreased supply of women arose simply by the strategic mass-murder of unborn girls.

In the slave-state of China, the government rations children to the poor: one child per poor couple — and the government requires that any extra child must be murdered by its parents, or else disappeared by neighbors for being an undue burden on the community’s rations. And each poor couple must accept that their one child is whom they will slave-drive to provide for them during their old age in the slave-state.

Men as the preferred human-doings: Feminism as the devaluation of the contribution to the world by women and girls

The slave-couples in China, when deciding the sex of their one child-slave, consider not the laughable Western fetish-myth of “gender equality” but rather the reality that a slave-son can be beaten into financial success in ways that would only break a slave-daughter.

In China, slave-parents consider a slave-son to be a far better financial investment, thus countless cowardly slave-couples in China murder as many unborn daughters as necessary to make room in the scarred and mangled womb for the privileged birth of their slave-son.

Women as discarded liabilities: Feminism as a map for carefully murdering women

This insensitive conspiracy, multiplied countless times, has caused a giant gender-life-gap in China: Tens of millions more slave-sons than slave-daughters. Thus, supply & demand establishes a high bride-price — not because China values women, but because China is a collapsing slave-state that strategically earned its destruction by the mass-extermination of unborn girls.

Legend has it that the reason Chinese people barely open their eyes is because they are disgusted with the girl-murdering slave-state that their cowardly ancestors brought into the world.

Legend further has it that pale and sickly Western scavengers wholly deserve their impending cultural collapse — for having feasted so long on the poisoned carcass of cheap products assembled by massive rows of miserable slaves — in China, Bangladesh, and beyond.

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