Bug-chasing editor & bourgeois white bitch at People Magazine remind that there are no decent black people in the United States

Fugly vanilla gargoyle Aili Nahas of People Magazine (PM) knows the importance of helping her shit-eating handlers to normalize the extermination of black Americans by infesting public attention with the most degenerate black people they can find.

BREAKING NEWS: Degenerate man-child nigger Lamar Odom leaves da club with a couple pieces of sloppy trash
Palo Alto Princess: Fat-armed vanilla gargoyle Aili Nahas ages in dog years, as she open-mindedly features degenerate niggers for her faggot boss at People Magazine. Meanwhile, the pampered, protected, pallid presstitute has a husband and child — as she muses over the silly habits of lowly faggots and niggers.

Until two months ago, Nahas’ boss at PM was vanilla faggot Jess Cagle. Now, her boss is vanilla faggot Dan Wakeford. And if there is one thing that vanilla faggots know — it is how to hate black families. For this reason, PM is full of stories useful for the ongoing goal of exterminating black people — all about how it is normal and natural for black women to be tedious bitches, and for black men to be self-indulgent, race-mixing man-children.

Former People Magazine editor Faggot Jess Cagle (left) and his rent-a-butthole “husband” Matt Whitney
People Magazine Editor faggot Dan Wakeford (left) and his rent-a-butthole “husband” Lucas Baker

And so when the vanilla gargoyle told that vanilla faggot that she wanted to feature a sex-crazed, coke-addicted nigger — the faggot “was all gift-giver,” as the faggots say. So Wakeford finished sucking his shit off the dick of his “husband,” and approved Aili Nahas’s story about degenerate nigger Lamar Odom: Lamar Odom Reveals He’s Had Sex with Over 2,000 Women: ‘I Had a Problem’

Alternative titles for the gargoyle’s rehashed story:

  • “Khloe Kardashian’s Ex Lamar Odom: I’ve Had Sex with Over 2,000 Women”
  • “Lamar Odom Opens Up About Lasting Effects from the Overdose That Nearly Killed Him”

According to the racist white devil and her faggot boss: “We searched everywhere in the nation for a newsworthy nigger — and all we could find was coke-head loser Lamar Odom.”

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