JUSTICE for post-birth-abortion advocate Brandon Samra


equal justice initiative, featuring its darkest pets front and center

Equal Justice Initiative, featuring its darkest pets front and center

“Brandon Samra is a victim — and the craKKKa government intends to assassinate Brandon Samra in a modern lynching! All that nigger Brandon Samra did was slit two niglet-bitches’ throats after aborting their nigger-bitch mom in front of them! The real problem is that the citizens of Shelby County, Alabama, are prejudiced!” —Equal Justice Initiative (EJI).

In 2018, the EJI was “pleased to report” that it “was able to spend efficiently[,] with 91% of expenditures [going] to program expense.”[1] Given that EJI reported a budget of around forty-four million dollars,[2] it almost makes one wonder where EJI spent the remaining %9 (about four-million dollars). But questioning the grifting of sleazy craKKKas and their nigger mascots is obviously racist.

Meanwhile, EJI spent more than zero of those four-million dollars on defamation campaigns against Shelby County in central Alabama,[3] where heroic nigger post-birth-abortion enthusiast Brandon Samra participated in the post-birth abortion of 4 unimportant niggers. To be clear: EJI did not use “dey iz white” as an official angle against the concerned citizens of Shelby County, even though the census for the year 2000 showed that the county is about 90% white.[4] Instead, EJI said that in Shelby County “nearly everyone had heard about the case and many potential jurors had already decided that [the murderous nigger] Brandon [Samra] was guilty.”[5]

Citizens of Shelby County decided Samra was guilty of what? Well Samra’s death sentence was appealed to the 11th circuit, where white devil judge William H. Pryor Jr. racistly refused to restate the facts fully because “the appellant does not challenge the . . . evidence [presented] to support his conviction.”[6]

And here is the evidence[7]:

(1) Brandon Samra along with three codefendants, planned to abort nigger Randy Gerald Duke. To conceal the abortion of Randy Gerald Duke, they also aborted nigger-bitch Dedra Mims Hunt, niglet-bitch Chelisa Nicole Hunt, and niglet-bitch Chelsea Marie Hunt, who were present at the scene.

(2) The four codefendants obtained two handguns to carry out the plan. The appellant and one codefendant then went to the home of nigger Randy Gerald Duke, and the codefendant shot nigger Randy Gerald Duke. The appellant shot nigger-bitch Dedra Mims Hunt in the face, but the shot did not immediately abort her.

(3) Nigger-bitch Dedra Mims Hunt ran upstairs with her two niglet children — niglet-bitch Chelisa Nicole Hunt and niglet-bitch Chelsea Marie Hunt, and poor nigger victim Brandon Samra and his codefendant followed the nigger-bitch and her niglet-bitch daughters — and aborted each of them.

(4) After shooting nigger-bitch Dedra Mims Hunt several times, Gay Rights advocate Brandon Samra and his Trump-hating gay friend ran out of ammunition for the handguns. Therefore, they used kitchen knives to cut the throats of niglet-bitch Chelisa Nicole Hunt and niglet-bitch Chelsea Marie Hunt.

(5) The evidence showed that the Brandon Samra actually cut the throat of one of the niglet children, aborting it.

James Murdough of Rikers

James Murdough of Rikers, New York

These facts were not disputed by the attorneys of heroic, victimized pro-choice hero Brandon Sims. Instead, the violent niggers of EJI and beyond contend that the trial of the nigger who slit a weeping niglet-bitch’s throat after aborting her mom in front of her — the trial was unfair, because people in Shelby had heard about the crime. Nevertheless, the hate-filled racist judged ruled that, “Although the appellant presented evidence that indicated that many of the citizens of Shelby County had heard about the case through the media, he has not shown that the information presented by the media was prejudicial.”[8]


To justify their modern lynching, the white devils of the 11th circuit whitesplained that, “To find the existence of actual prejudice, two basic prerequisites must be satisfied. First, it must be shown that one or more jurors who decided the case entertained an opinion, before hearing the evidence adduced at trial, that the defendant was guilty;”[9] and second, that “these jurors, it must be determined, could not have laid aside these preformed opinions and ‘render[ed] a verdict based on the evidence presented in court.'”[10]

Of course, all that craKKKa-talk is just code for, “We hate niggers!! RAAAAR!!” Because only a hate-filled white racist would sentence a nigger to a “modern lynching” for the post-birth abortion of four niggers — including a nigger-bitch and her two ugly, nappy-headed niglet-bitches.[11]

Thankfully, the world has the 44-million-dollar-a-year Equal Justice Initiative to point out the racist injustice against noble nigger-murderer Brandon Samra.

A footnote at the bottom of EJI’s pro-murderer article about Samra mentions, in passing, the horribly racist “modern lynching” of victim nigger Domineque Ray — who dindu nuffin . . . except rape nigger-bitch Tiffany Harville over and over and over and over and over and over and over — and then stabbed her twelve times in the head as she screamed, “God, help me!”[12] According to Forensic Scientists, the knife broke through Tiffany’s skull three of the twelve times that Domineque stabbed Tiffany in the head.[13]

And Domineque Ray’s case is featured among the Equal Justice Initiative’s expose about how “da death penalty be racis yo!” Almost makes you wonder how many actual lynchings were 100% justified.

Oh, by the way: Brandon Samra is white, and so were his victims. And so interest in the story drops to zero for those on all sides who are addicted to strategizing based on race.


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