Slavers’ failed efforts to domesticate Indian descendants led to today’s political privileges for the nation’s most reliably docile slaves — negroes

Before the amalgamation of USA’s modern slave-plantation, when Satanists’ death-cult hegemony was not nearly as complete, the elites dominated only the most desperate of whites — and, of course, the majority of blacks.

In that time, the most docile blacks were allowed to be free — the niggers could even own land and slaves. And to this day, that policy remains.

Yet through the succeeding decades and centuries, before the current end-times, as rulers routinely displaced and replaced one set of slaves to favor another, creating an illusion of motion in the stagnating, satanic slave-state — through it all: the venal, docile negro has always been the elites’ slave-of-choice.

Then for a time in the nation’s history, before the prior war-tribes of the western hemisphere faded away to obscurity and suicide*, the white elites endeavored to domestic the descendants of the formerly warring tribes to harness their wild energies for the benefit of the White Man’s Burden.

*The suicide rates of so-called America Indian and Alaska Natives within the 18 states that participated in the National Violent Death Reporting System were more than %350 higher than the suicide rate among racial and ethnic groups with the lowest rates. Leavitt et alii, Suicides Among American Indian/Alaska Natives . . . (CDC 2018).

Among the strategies to domesticate the descendants of the formerly warring tribes was for white social-engineers to assign the descendants of the formerly warring tribes to be educated among the most domesticated black people, so that the descendants of the formerly warring tribes might learn energetic docility by example from the black social-pets, whose energetic docility was, by that time, superbly engineered, indeed the docility was legendary.

But the strategy was considered a failure, as the test-subjects consistently bifurcated between being either not nearly docile enough or else entirely too docile as to render them limp and useless; and so the descendants of the formerly warring tribes were generally banished to “reservations,” to live out their lives in impotent misery of mediocrity which society affixes to the descendants of failed warriors.

And as of this writing, the hegemons of USA’s modern slave-state still prefer, most of all, the finely balanced energetic docility of the most effectively domesticated negroes.

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