When journalist whores celebrated the beating of Janay Palmer Rice

Janay Palmer Rice, wife of former NFL running back Ray Rice, must have done something extremely annoying to cause Ray to hit her in an elevator back in 2014. Ray’s retribution against his then-fiance’s likely nagging went viral when whores with a Journalism platform humiliated and defamed Janay in order to nibble crumbs of attention and money with their pitiful, soulless coworkers.

Pretending to advocate for victims of domestic violence, countless media outlets conspired together, spreading a TMZ video throughout the nation and world, without a single care of the effect it would have on Janay — not satisfied simply to provide the footage to the police, so that Ray’s typical-nigger-violence would be punished while not ruining Janay’s chance to marry a superstar.

Thereafter, Janay’s income potential — significantly tied to Ray’s football salary — was permanently destroyed, which added injury to injury for the 5’8″ couple and their two ugly nigger children, about whom the media vultures could not care less.

Janay had it all: A short, angry black man whose aggression had been all but completely channeled into a blossoming career in concussion-collecting at Bang-Head NFL. But that all had to end because the media cannibals needed a human-sacrifice for their news cycle.

Ray was white-listed by the blinding white hypocrisy of every single person connected to the media circus. As a result, no Bang-Head teams were willing to risk the cultural cost that would accrue to them if they were to contribute to Janay’s standard of living by employing her husband for more Bang-Head.

It was not even enough for Ray to promise that he would give all his 2016 Bang-Head salary to women-only domestic-violence prevention programs if he were employed: Everyone’s was done stepping on Janay’s family — so it was time, they all agreed, for them to step over Janay’s family.

So no Bang-Head team would employ Janay’s short, angry nigger husband. Instead, most of Janay’s 2016 income came from media interviews where she was brow-beaten by white devils and nigger oreos for not destroying the lives of her children by divorce: Janay was constantly criticized for rejecting her social duty to validate society’s hatred of families (especially black families), by shirking her responsibility to divorce her children’s father and estrange them from him. Instead, Janay foolishly chose to teach her nigger children about the importance of forgiveness and family. What a bitch.

One piece of silver lining came by the fact that no woman-only domestic violence shelters received any money; which is a good thing, since woman-only domestic violence shelters — with their singular, sexist criterion for entry — readily and regularly let in violent bisexual women and lesbians who are tracking down the women whom they terrorize.

In case you don’t know: statistically, lesbians are the second-most sexually criminal demographic in the country — right after the first-most sexually criminal demographic: heterosexual women who prey on underage boys.

I know, I know: “Television never told me that!”

…and yet it moves.

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