Mires and mirrors of the death-cult

Once upon a time, a nation was born of war and built on slavery. During that nation’s inception, a key grievance against its former lords was the “taxation without representation” inflicted injustice on the rulers of those colonies—that those rulers were being reduced, themselves, to the level of niggers.

(Similarly, a foundational grievance posited against Britain by noble heroic Indian genius freedom-fighter Gandhi was that Britain wanted to “reduce Indians to the level of the mere kaffir, i.e. nigger.” Essentially, Gandhi accepted that someone had to be the niggers of the world—but for Indians to be the niggers would be blasphemous.)

After the USA’s merciless, slave-owning elites successfully separated from their coordination with England’s merciless, slave-owning elites; USA cruised comfortably for a while, by the efficiency of free slave-labor (black and otherwise), and the conscription of social trash (white and otherwise) into wars to maintain the dominance of USA’s merciless, slave-owning elites.

But eventually the elites faced the threat of a major implosion in their hegemony, when too much of their yoked rabble chattered of mutiny, with a key claim which matched the previous grievance of the overlords: that they were taxed (especially conscripted) without any consideration (corresponding benefit)—taxation without representation.

As a strategic deception, USA’s rulers created the ruse of a concession—extending a “right to vote” unto their chattel conscripts: any slave (even the black ones) whom the elites could casually toss into the furnaces of war—such a slave had the right to murmur a preference as to which elites would toss slaves into the furnaces of war. This new, laughable voting right would, of course, be completely impotent for the purposes of slaves’ liberty, and would be entirely separate from the real rights reserved by elites to conspire among each other, in relatively democratic fashion, how they should grind their slaves and serfs into gold.

The weaving of that web of deceit so effectively tangled the sensibilities of slaves that it became the elites’ weapon-of-choice for controlling centuries thereafter, indeed during this writing: “let the politically famished eat the bureaucratic cake of ‘voting,’ and that will let of enough off their steam of anger at least to prevent widespread insurrection, while also stymying critics and skeptics with a gilded idol of democracy.”

And the weaving returned, anytime the spectre of progress threatened to interrupt elites’ duels over governmental monopoly through a growth of the loathed “middle class,” which served to disrupt the normal tyranny by disguising slaves as serfs, disguising serfs as vassals, and even disguising vassals as monarchs.

Eventually, elites even destroyed the original point of “voting rights” (the fake version) by extending such rights to a whole demographic of people who, by their penislessness, never faced conscription and thus were not, by suffrage, receiving a consideration to (seemingly) counterbalance conscription.

Yet the fiasco of women’s suffrage was more effective than even the elites had expected: of course men recognized their disenfranchisement by a dilution of their (imaginary) voting power; yet also, after the weaker sex was let to murmur their preferences—elites had all the credulous voting-mules they needed to thrust slaves into perpetual war, while seeming to maintain such mania as a “democracy.” Thus, leaving the natural use of a woman, these men burned in political lust for other men. Romans 1:27.

Rebellious women—each one a hypocrite—are incapable of taking an objective view (much less a just view) on anything, and can be simply frightened into believing that their own safety requires countless conscriptions (of men) into endless wars—and then powerful men can easily use the “votes” of slave men’s sisters, daughters, and wives to establish the disguise of democracy, and with that disguise grind slaves into gold. But injecting herself into the politics of men is a habit only of a delusional, self-destructive woman. 1 Corinthians 14:34.

On from there, society imploded, by its agreement to create—and then to step on and over—dead and dying decent men. As punishment for this, citizens’ addiction to apathy destroyed even their own self-preservation; whereby men and women became addicted to stepping on and over not only desperate men and women—but even stepping on and over men and women whose well-being could have greatly benefitted the frantically apathetic stepper. And so their apathy brought massive, widespread chaos. After all, to dig a pit for others, regardless whether they fall into it (yet certainly if they do), requires that you fall into it yourself. Proverbs 26:27.

Not learning from even those punishments, society plummeted further: many women salted their own wombs to prove loyalty to the demons of the death cult; others, to prove the same, went so far as to coordinate the murder of their own genetic saviors.

And each woman who, while pregnant, looked back in vain to the ease, comfort, and preparation of her former childlessness was turned into a pillar of life-preventing salt, and she was recreated to bring the destruction of those who enabled her vanity and murderousness. Genesis 19:26.

And since doom awaits those who leverage the doom of others: even those who did not behave thus—yet tolerated, and even celebrated, those who did—they received their reward: an absolute incapacity to govern their own children. Romans 1:29-32.

As of this writing, these death throes continue.

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