Prison-prism of the fading rebellion

Once upon a time, wolves in different wolves’ clothes leveraged, into a misanthropic atheist super-state, the moral docility inculcated by mangled Christianity.

As gangs perfected into governments, the role of initiation remained a key tool of cults:

Catholics continued to confess their sinful acts, and even their sinful thoughts, to envious, pseudo-abstinent men who would meditate on the most carnal of the narratives when thrusting wishfully into the excretory system of the male children whom the congregation had gifted to the priest-class.

Jews continued to sear the fear of their sky-monster into each other by submitting to Metzitzah B’peh, whereby they proved their loyalty by witnessing, without vomiting, the most morally deranged among them hold down each newborn male of the tribe, cut off parts of the baby’s genitals, then suck on the wounds of their screaming infant victim.

Eventually—when duels among the various power-hungry patriarchs proved too costly, and sustaining faith in varied vanities became too complicated among a unified pool of enslaved cogs—the dust gathered to discuss cooperation among the several specks.

The specks all agreed to coordinate, into a single system, the most effective snares upon which each parasitic cult had separately relied to terrify and stultify its host-population.

Thereafter, for several generations, before each manifestation of macho vanity faded into oblivion, it would maim, sterilize, torture, kill, cannibalize—anything to cling to the earned addiction of striving to be more than a proud, doomed speck.

And once the rot rinsed from its genes, the humanity experiment resumed.

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