Forever just one more code: Computing as circular social-cosmetic-surgery

“Just my nose;
Just my cheeks;
Just my chin;
Just my skin;
Just my limbs;
Just my reproductive organs;
Just my life;
Just everything.”
-The lifelong cascade of rebellion by countless vain vampires, mired in a maze of cosmetic-surgeries that is, by design, endless.

“The replicating and evolving processes that have been confined to the natural world are about to become realms of human endeavor: as enormous computing power is combined with the manipulative advances of the physical sciences and the new, deep understandings in genetics—enormous transformative power is being unleashed. These combinations open up the opportunity to completely redesign the world, for better or worse.”

-Bill Joy, excerpt from Why the future doesn’t need us (Wired, 2000), describing an endless addiction comparable to the aforementioned.

Gilded words, gleaned and regurgitated from worm-eaten manuscripts, picked out and polished by half a dozen of the oldest and obsoletest scribblers, to confound readers. Scribblings revered by the living dead—rebellious masochists whose addiction was to admire most that which they proudly failed to understand.

Successions of pallid patriarchs, frantically rewriting morality in their own image—convinced that if they could end all the poor people—then they would end poverty; and thereafter instructed their progeny to rewrite the past, and to legislate present peace and mandate future freedom by executing the previous generation of murderers, whose crimes, though necessary for the realized utopia, were too tempting to be tolerated.

After all their hypocrisy, those speaking with Midas’s tongue to those with itching ears: all discovered their master. An ungrateful generation of wise fools: men who, given over to their addictions, craved endless worship from a fickle public, while shuddering in endless shame in the shadows of their own false lives: rhetoricians who, since they prayed into mirrors, thought themselves gods—even as each doubled-tongue began to shrivel in a dying mouth.

Thus faltered each praise of folly, as dueling sects of blind cannibals led and bled each other into proud oblivion.

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