The lies upon which teeter this unearned peace

In the USA, the North was good—because the South was evil: it was not just two warring factions of vain narcissists—it was good vs evil. And since good won: everyone lived happily ever after.

Because of the North’s victory in war, magically slavery had never been rampant in the North; magically the North did not cooperate with, and benefit massively from, the slavery of the South.

Because blacks are often among the most preferred thoughtless attack-dogs of modern plantation owners—single-mindedly braying their masters’ myths about yesterday, today, and tomorrow—suddenly there were not thousands of black slave-owners in USA’s history.

The truth-hating race-worship of frantic poop-people is noble and grounded in reality: it is certainly not the product of successive proudly collected conditioned-responses by which they grind themselves into misery and oblivion.

Nothing is real, except the lies upon which teeter this unearned peace.

Racially sequestered elites racially integrated their slaves—even awarding full access to drinking fountains for their savage, shit-colored slaves. Therefore, at the same time as all that benevolence, those same sequestered elites were not forcing millions of their slaves into war, and caging those who dared to dissent.

Nothing happens, when that which happens is ignored or hidden in plain sight by and among legions of cowards and frauds.

The rabid political momentum of unconscious, race-conscious puppets won the victory, of the presidency, for the nation’s first semi-shit-colored figurehead. Therefore, there is not a stated and accelerated program for exterminating those poop-people who cried and cheered when the son of a white women beaten by a black man was propped up to feed their hate-filled delusions.

War is peace.

All that glitters is gold. And though some fool of old lied that, “The ransom of a man’s life are his riches,” regardless: safety and happiness in life require only the hoarding of war-won riches—if only the riches of a feeble, false moral-superiority—and to mire the world in a delicate web of self-strangling lies to justify the hoarders.

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