Society must put to death all men who visually rape women at abortion clinics

Once upon a time, three old, white Republican judges decided that child-murder was a human right—as long as the murderer is a pregnant woman.[1]

Thereafter, common sense told those foolish enough to heed the Republicans’ decree that the slaughterhouses which, in the USA alone, have murdered more than a million children every year[2] since those three white Republican patriarchs rewrote morality in 1973—the slaughterhouses are empowering sanctuaries: peaceful, progressive places where an empowered, desperate, suicidal[3] woman can go to participate safely, responsibly, and legally in the government-sponsored[4] murder of her child—so that she can retain her full potential for sitting in rows and filling out forms, to prove her trustworthiness for working a job she hates, to afford things she does not need, to impress people she hates and who hate her. It is all very empowering, so goes the theory.

But recently perverted psychopathes have been destroying the serenity of Women’s Health Slaughterhouses.

A group of sadistic criminals calling themselves “men” have been sneaking into Women’s Health Slaughterhouses by disguising themselves as niggers[5] tasked with the removal and marketing[6] of the dead bodies of non-child zygotes.

Once inside the Women’s Health Slaughterhouses, such male maniacs split up, and each one visually rapes as many empowered women as he can before being discovered—exposing his penis to the murder-accomplice, in a brazen display of insanity, and sexistly saying, “Me exposing my penis to you is not as bad as you murdering a child,” while reportedly staring at the victim “like a creepy perv OMG!”

Research by the U.S. Department of Murdering (USDM), who bankroll much of the murder of the children of the poor, shows that the average woman who visits a Women’s Health Slaughterhouse, simply murders her child, and slithers back home—such a woman will live the rest of her life in a perpetual state of happiness and fulfillment.

However, those same USDM patriarchs report that a woman who visits a Women’s Health Slaughterhouse, and is forced to see a penis—she will spend the rest of her short life suffering from constant depression, until the immense pain from the memory of the penis drives her to suicide.

Therefore, it is important to pass a law which acknowledges that a man showing his penis to a woman in a Women’s Health Slaughterhouse (Planned Parenthood or otherwise) is tantamount to murder—and thus any man who shows his penis to a woman in a Women’s Health Slaughterhouse should be put to death, for the sake of diversity, inclusion, women’s health, gender equality, anti-fascism, and liberty and justice for all.


1. See Russ Lindquist, USA’s pro-murder history is bipartisan (2019).
2. See Jason Noble, FACT CHECK: 50 million abortions claim checks out (Des Moines Register, 2015)
3. Studies indicate that every woman desperate enough to murder her child is miserable enough to have also seriously considered murder herself. See, e.g., Ardee Coolidge, Why Abortion and Teen Suicide Are Inexorably Linked (Care Net 2017).
4. See Torres et al., Public benefits and costs of government funding for abortion (Family Planning Perspectives, 1986).
5. Studies indicate that, among cowards and hypocrites, the word “nigger” is far more unsettling than is a clear and verifiable description of the mass-murder of millions of child—which includes the murder of millions of nigger babies. See Right to Life of Michigan, Black Abortions By The Numbers (2019).
6. Cells of socially acceptable psychopaths sell the carcasses of murdered children. But on the bright side: they are much too polite to say “nigger.” Furthermore, when intending to sell the carcass of a murdered child, it is important to murder the child in a way that preserves the market-value of the organs harvested from the murdered child—but some murderers carelessly murder children in a way that causes major organs of the murdered child to be completely unsellable. For Fuller analysis of this, first sit through pitifully self-absorbed she-activist Professor of Law Dr. Teresa Collett of St. Thomas School of Law cracking jokes while introducing Dr. Autumn Leva, vice president of strategy for Family Policy Alliance, who also cracks jokes, while gushing and chattering about how honored she is to be talking in front of half-engaged hypocrites about child-murdering networks. See University of St. Thomas, Minnesota law, fetal body parts, and the Planned Parenthood videos (Youtube Nov 25, 2015).

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