As the cannibals continue to crumble: the well-deserved death of Antonin Scalia

More than zero morality-jugglers cannot fathom that murdered[1] former-Justice Antonin Scalia may have been a pedophile[2]: “How could anyone appointed by noble war-criminal Ronald Reagan,[3] and unanimously confirmed by all the war-criminals of the U.S. Congress,[4] be anything other than a beacon of purity!?”

Nevertheless, disagreements persist among hole-digger and hole-buriers as to whether Scalia died during his routine of mixing his semen with the blood of a child’s lacerated anus—or if he was simply set up for a kid-date, only to be betrayed and murdered, as a matter of course, by political opponents. For truly there is no more honor among pedophiles or child-murderers than among theives.[5]

Regardless, Scalia will live on forever as the humble and heroic Supreme Court “justice” who dismissed as “happy-go-lucky felons”[6] the more than forty thousand previously convicted men who faced potential “early” realease after having worked off most of their time—in California’s over-crowded, suicide-plauged prisons. Scalia’s murder was very well-earned.


1. See e.g. R. Kelly Garrett, Why some people believe Scalia was murdered (Newsweek 2016).
2. See e.g. Eric Killelea, Alex Jones’ Mis-Infowars: 7 Bat-Sh*t Conspiracy Theories (Rolling Stone 2017).
3. See e.g. Stephen M. Walt, The death of global order was caused by Clinton, Bush, and Obama (Foreign Policy 2018) (talking about three key people who normalized the terrorizing of millions, in Iraq and beyond: Bush, as president; Obama and Clinton as members of Congress who authorized and funded the terrorism of the Bush administration).
4. See e.g. Roland Matthews et al., Iran-Contra Affair (Encyclopedia Brittanica).
5. Proverbs 10:11-21.
6. See Adam Liptak, Justices, 5-4, Tell California to Cut Prisoner Population (New York Times 2011).

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