Self-mutilating lies of sexually diseased, suicidal child-murderers who condemn the “locker-room talk” of famous billionaires

When Donald Trump said, in essence, a woman will let famous billionaires touch her[1]—politicians and their minions conveniently ignored Trump’s mention of the hypothetical woman’s volition. Instead, the comment was summarized as “I touch women without their permission,” which was then condensed to simply, “I sexually assault women.”[2]

And from mouth to mind to mouth to mind—millions of millinneal parasites progressively hosted this regurgitated lie to one another.

And through this condescending condensation,[3] child-murdering millinneal matrons, whose collective sexual degeneracy has earned them the distinction as being the most sexually diseased generation at least in modern history if not in all of history[4]—they all agreed to pretend together that, although they would STD-swap with virtually anyone as long as the person was their most attractive option at the bar or club on a given night, still, the statement that a woman would let a famous billionaire touch her was both a terribly rude lie as well as an admission of criminal psychopathy.

Predictably such self-deceit cured precisely zero cases of throat cancer,[5] and forestalled the convenient murdering of precisely zero unborn children.[6]

Yet they all lived happily ever after—until each one died miserable and alone, in the company of only their own mind, which, throughout their life of cowardly hypocrisy, they had swarmed with all manner of self-mutilating lies.


1. See Ann Coulter, Casting call for another Anita Hill (2016).
2. See, e.g., Emily Arrowood, The Very Definition of Sexual Assault (hot mic catches Donald Trump bragging about how a woman will let famous billionaires touch her) (U.S. News, 2016).
3. Condensation is the act of condensing. Moreover, in Psychology, “condensation” is the process by which symbols or words are associated with the emotional content of several, sometimes unrelated ideas, feelings, memories, or impulses—especially as expressed in dreams (or, to be sure, the waking dreams of political nonsense).
4. See Jamie Ducharme, Why STD rates are higher than they’ve ever been (Time, 2018)(“There’s a lot of sexual fluidity right now, with more and more people identifying as bisexual or gender fluid, or deciding not to self-identify at all. These ‘bridge populations’ may spread traditionally group-specific diseases, such as syphilis, to new communities”).
5. See Alexandra Sifferlin, It’s True: You can get throat cancer from oral sex (Time, 2013).
6. See Jason Noble, FACT CHECK: 50 million abortions claim checks out (Des Moines Register, 2015).

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