Hypocrite’s white-guilt saves the day at Harvard (RE: HLS Library Book Talk | Lawrence Lessig, ”America, Compromised”)

“Prospective members of Congress now suck up only to rich people, which diverges from the noble framers’ noble intention, which was that such prospects should suck up to ‘the people’ broadly—i.e. rich, white, male landowners and not-so-rich, white, male landowners!”

Such was the thesis of Dr. Lawrence Lessig, petite-pastor at the ivy-league Church of Splitting Hairs and Wasting Breath, who LOL-ed and OMG-ed along with his small crowd of hyper-indoctrinated circular-sycophants at the Harvard Law School Library which hosted Lessig’s sermon on March 27, 2019.

From behind podium and spectacles, Dr. Lessig—withering by his futile faith in a pale and sickly mountain of lies-by-omission—proudly imagined his audience as a collection of self-respecting women and sufficiently refurbished niggers of color. Indeed, approved and approving women and niggers infested the audience of mostly pallid, phallused seat-warmers.

And that infestation was half of why the balding, beady-eyed bore tepidly acknowledged women and niggers at the outset of his masturbation, conceding that the value of his entire analysis—that modern politicians are compromising the greatness of USA’s founding vision—depended entirely on overlooking the fact that the nation’s founding was simply a vain, tribal circle-jerk among rich and not-so-rich white colonists, who agreed to leverage enslaved niggers as a lamentable means to the founders’ self-supposed glorious ends.

The other half of why was that, by the time of Lessig, the outsourced masochism of trumpeted white-guilt caused enough ambivalence in anointed intellectuals that—to avoid flipping the entire table, even denouncing their own inherited privilege—such weasels as Lessig agreed, even in solitude, to believe that their social exaltation in the swamp was different: It was progress. Indeed, it was progress institutionalized: progressive. Such was the pitiful vanity which passed as philosophy in Lessig’s time.

On went limp Lawrence Lessig for an hour, accenting his truth-tinged lies with smirks and swears, and flaps of his arms; then concluding that salvation required only full faith in the murky meritocracy as cobbled currently, especially reverence for the right white-trash appointees in black robes. Thus Lessig proved decisively that he belonged among the lead, leaden mumblers in the hallowed, hollow halls of Harvard.

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