The vice, on the head and in the hearts, of the minions who plague Chicago and beyond (RE racist puppet Jussie Smollet forgiven for his hoax—that was Trump’s fault)

The functionally retarded niggers of the Congressional Black Caucus aka the Congressional Nigger Caucus (CNC) were aghast[1] after the veritable acquittal of hate-crime hoaxer Jussie “faggot nigger” Smollett—aghast because kike-controlled figurehead[2] Donald Trump failed to accept the mediocre nigger-justice farted out into popular culture. “And also,” sassed the CNC, “what about da white peepol who walked around on the University of Virginia campus?!”[3]

Similarly, Rahm Israel Emanuel—the frail, failing, laughably corrupt kike mayor of shithole Chicago—remarked that the only reason that racist self-hating misanthropist faggot nigger Smollet faked his hate-crime was “because Donald Trump.”[4]

Overall, the plantation overseers have decided that “justice” requires that you lie, cheat, steal, and tolerate those who do[5]—as long as your heart, and your hate, are in the right place.

Meanwhile, ages and ages hence, to explain the perpetual and predictable failure of successive progenies among these self-hating kikes, and their soulless nigger pets—somehow it will be someone else’s fault; and that someone will be a non-nigger non-kike; and their crime will be a failure to pity and placate sufficiently all the slithering kikes and their knuckle-walking nigger pets.


1. Congressional Nigger Caucus, Congressional Nigger Caucus responds to President Trump’s call for an investigation into Jussie Smollett’s case (2019).
2. See, e.g., Daniel L. Byman and Tamara Cofman Wittes, In Trump we trust? Israel and the Trump administration (Brookings Institution, 2018).
3. Specifically the Congressional Nigger Caucus decried how Trump’s administration did not investigate the supposed white nationalist protesters at Charlottesville, Virginia, who, at and around the University of Virginia, peacefully protested—until bands of feral political pets attacked the protesters. Congressional Nigger Caucus, supra, note 1, for the CNC’s claims that the Department of Justice, under Trump, failed to investigate the Charlottesville situation. Meanwhile, not that anything the Congressional Nigger Caucus says is ever anything but a political landmine for their handlers to wield—but there was an investigation. See United States Department of Justice, Ohio man charged with federal hate crimes related to August 2017 rally in Charlottesville (2018). And also meanwhile: consider all the concern over the relative nothing in Charlottesville, vs the 150 rabid niggers who descended on Temple University, attacking random white people—less than a year before the “tragedy at Charlottesville.” See Derek Hawkins, ‘Flash mob’ of 150 [nigger] teens attacks [white] Temple University students, [and] cops in Philly (Washington Post, 2016); see also Joshua Rhett Miller, Mob attacks [by 150 niggers] on [white] Temple students stoke racial tensions (New York Post, 2016); and see also Colin Flaherty, Don’t make the black kids angry (2015)(providing massive documentary evidence of both the rampant violence of racist feral niggers against whites, as well as the constant and strategic efforts, by death-worthy traitors of the mainstream media, variously to hide and justify the violence of the racist feral niggers against whites).
4. See Joshua Caplan, Rahm Emanuel blames ‘toxic’ Trump for Jussie Smollett hate hoax (Breitbart, 2019).
5. A popular honor oath which began of the United States Military Academy is: “We will not lie, steal, or cheat, nor tolerate among us anyone who does. Furthermore, I resolve to do my duty and to live honorably, so help me God.” See United States Air Force Academy, Honor division (2019).

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