Feminism as the cut that never heals (Review of Harvard Law moot court 2011)

Once upon a time—dangling from a limb of another rebellious, collapsing idiocracy—the patriarchs’ chosen feminist pawns prepared, with their eunuch-handlers, to eat one another’s sons and daughters.[1]

At Harvard Law’s 2011 moot court competition, several fat and otherwise ugly women packaged their penis-envy in manly suits, as they giggled and scowled while philosophizing over whether men should be jailed for lying to women in hopes of earning a date.[2]

Highlights included a giggled apology from man-faced she-advocate Caroline Andersen—who would later go on to win Best Oralist (though not the kind of oral that could have advanced her to the precarious perch to which she clings in her gilded cage[3]—after being scolded for going over time by detail-oriented She-Justice Sonia Sotomayor, minutes after Sotomayor sassed that the hypothetical man facing jail for fibbing to females—he had caused each hypothetical woman the real harm of having her time wasted by an unworthy man:

“my time is valuable,”[4] snorted Sotomayor, the fat ugly racist feminist whose ascension to the highest court in the world was not even slowed when she was discovered to have told several crowds of unintelligent racist brown losers: “I would hope that a wise latina woman, with the richness of her experience, would, more often than not, reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.”[5]

For effect, consider the opposite: “I would hope that a wise caucasian man, with the richness of his experience, would, more often than not, reach a better conclusion than a brown female who hasn’t lived that life.”[6]

On squawked the Harvard-stained she-litigants—with cotton crammed up their vaginas to postpone reality until after their pitiful facade of seeking justice, as the audience in attendance imagined a man being sent to a cage by another man, to be monitored by some men—and beset by other men; all because he had misled his legal and political “equal”—since her falsified face, shape, height, and habits had been intended to lie her way into the good graces of a man with high social value—not some lying loser like herself.[7]

And, as is known: it would have been her man-deigned privilege—had the condemned been instead worthwhile—to lure him into marriage with the promise of a family; then renege, murder his child in her womb,[8] divorce him,[9] and take half of everything he owns. Thus are some of the modern ways in which patriarchs—with the complicity of their feminist pawns—render their feminist pawns “objects of pity and contempt.”[10]

Meanwhile, the cotton-crammers and their eunuch-handlers couched the political-porn soap opera at Harvard Law in the setting of a man chasing after dates by engaging in “stolen valor”[11]—wherein he criminally pretended either to have volunteered for (else to have been conscripted[12] into) the role of a mindless mercenary for the United States military, who, in times of wars built by lies,[13] must either obey else be put to death.[14]

After congratulating each other on a satisfying round of vain, pitiful public masturbation—the losers all went home, each looking into their own mirror, and, for a blink before the next round of social soma,[15] were swamped by a mixture of manic disgust and depressive boredom.


1. Leviticus 26:14-29.
2. See Harvard Law School, 2011 Ames moot court competition.
3. After man-facing her way through Harvard Law, Dr. Caroline Andersen became a member of the borg legal team that, for the better part of a decade, bolstered the U.S. presidential administration of child-murdering, war-mongering mulatto Barack Hussein Obama. See United States Department of Justice, Meet the front office: Division update, Spring 2018.
4. Harvard Law School, supra, note 2.
5. See Dana Bash, et al., Sotomayor’s ‘wise Latina’ comment a staple of her speeches (CNN, 2009).
6. Simply for fun: imagine if, during his confirmation process, Justice Brett Kavanaugh had been discovered to have said: “I would hope that a wise caucasian man, with the richness of his experience, would, more often than not, reach a better conclusion than a brown female who hasn’t lived that life.”
7. From time to time in pop-culture, for example in the movie Top Gun (1986), references are made to the countless primped and painted prostitutes who seek to lure a military serviceman into funding her for a lifetime, by either tricking him into impregnating her—else tricking him into thinking that her impregnation by someone else was his doing.
8. See Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113 (1973).
9. Women initiate divorce nearly three times as often as do men. See Douglas LaBier, Women initiate divorce much more than men, here’s why (Psychology Today, 2015).
10. See Mary Wollstonecraft, A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, Chapter 5: “Animadversions on some of the writers who have rendered women objects of pity, bordering on contempt.”
11. Wikipedia, Stolen Valor act of 2013.
11. The 19th amendment to the United States Constitution gives women the privilege to vote men into wars.
12. See Lieutenant Commander Pat Paterson, The truth about Tonkin (U.S. Naval Institute, 2008).
13. During times of war (including USA’s permanent, unconstitutional, terroristic “war on terror”), for the crime of “disobedience,” United States military servicemen can be murdered by the government, pursuant to the Uniform Code of Military Justice. See10 U.S.C. 890 Art. 90.
14. “In this book of mine, Brave New World, I postulated a substance called Soma, which was a very versatile drug: it would make people feel happy, in small doses; it would make them see visions, in medium doses; and it would send them to sleep, in large doses[; and, in large enough doses, it would kill them].” See Mike Wallace, Interview of Aldous Huxley (University of Texas at Austin, 1958).

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