Infinite Jeopardy of anti-cop bias

“I will slit your bitch’s throat like OJ Simpson, get acquitted, then get on Twitter and say that I really did it.” -Eric Wilkinson aka Bill Collector, in a “rap battle”[1] against Jonathan Magee aka John John Da Don.

Hundreds of drug-addicted, insane, racist niggers laughed and cheered at Wilkinson’s line, understanding it to be a reference to the fifth amendment of United States Constitution, which prohibits, in certain instances, “double jeopardy,” i.e. prosecution of someone twice for the same offense.[2] Thus Wilkerson’s “joke” is that the clearly-guilty Simpson—having been acquitted of murder after nearly cutting off the head of his white wife and killing her kike friend—could theoretically brag about his act and yet be protected by the white man’s fifth amendment.

Now, compare the white man’s double-jeopardy with thug blacktivists’ belief in infinite jeopardy for white cops in the court of public opinion. Consider the fraudulent fiasco of “hands up, don’t shoot,” in Ferguson, Missouri, subsequent to a white cop defending himself against a violent, drug-addicted, criminal thug named Mike Brown.

The timeline of the widespread, successive lies regarding Brown’s violent, niggerish conduct contains no less than the following highlights:

“Mike Brown was running away from the cop, and got shot in the back!” …an absolute lie.[3]

“Well, Mike Brown had his hands up, in a ‘please do not shoot’ fashion.” …an absolute lie.[4]

“Well, Mike Brown was not charging the cop!” …an absolute lie.[5]

“…well… the cop should have shot him in the leg!”[6]

Then, just people start to unpack all the bad-faith blacktivism—BAM—too late: scoreboard resets for the fraudulent fiasco surrounding the death of degenerate nigger Freddie Gray.[7] And the blacktivist frauds move on—yet still hold on, as an article of faith, to the self-destructive political-porn of, “Mike Brown… something something…hands up, don’t shoot… cops are evil.”[8]

Meanwhile, virtually every blacktivist fraud and coward would, if they were to read it, ignore every bit of the preceding anaylsis—and focus instead on, “DAT CRAKKKA MUFUKA SAID DA N-WORD!!!! WE GOTTA KILL DAT NIGGA!!!”


1. See URLTV, Bill Collector vs John John Da Don, 7:20 (2012).
2. U.S. Const. Am. 5.
3. See Frances Robles and Julie Bosman, Autopsy shows Michael Brown was struck at least 6 times (New York Times, 2014).
4. See Jonathan Capehart, Standing by my opinion that ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ was built on a lie (Washington Post, 2017).
5. See Erik Eckholm, Witnesses told grand Jury that Michael Brown charged at Darren Wilson, prosecutor says (New York Times, 2014).
6. The eventual notion that, setting aside all the failed lies, Officer Darren Wilson should have tried to shoot Mike Brown somewhere nonlethal—with people especially mentioning the knees—was a popular trope towards the end of the Ferguson hysteria—as the media began to shift to the next fraudulent narrative. However, with the modern tactics both scrubbing and swamping the internet, sometimes it is difficult to find evidence of such corollary aspects; and that is the case for the post hoc arguments that Officer Wilson should have set aside his own safety (even further) to accommodate a six-foot-four-inch violent, racist drug-addict named Mike Brown.
7. See Justin Fenton, Police detective says misleading narrative presented to grand jury in Freddie Gray case, records show (Baltimore Sun, 2016).
8. See David Nather, Obama on Ferguson: They weren’t just making it up (Politico, 2015).

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