Cultural Mantra Review: The Girl Who was an Island

“No man is an island” -John Donne (on behalf of classical literature generally).

“No man is an island—but every woman is one” -A paraphrase of virtually all modern literature that features a female protagonist.

Misanthropists hate people—it’s what they do. And chief among the aims of all hate-filled, slithering misanthropists is the death of people. And in the modern era, misanthropists are wholly committed to death and prevention of people.[1]

One way by which misanthropists aim for the death and prevention of people is by attempts to mythologize women as identical to men—just penisless. By this, misanthropists hope to kill women[2], and prevent children.[3]

And so stories are spun of “strong independent women who need no one”—in order to lure women (and only the most foolish among them[4]) into being slaughtered alongside their children, to make way for other women and other children.[5]

Among the pitiful aspects of such “girl power” propaganda is that none of these stories are even nearly fresh: it is typically the same stories told about men (and usually the worst of them)—just with the penis removed from the protagonist.[6]

Yet while weak heroes, when male, show flashes of humanity—especially by a sexual attraction to women—the purest result (if not the goal) of those misanthropic writers who caricature women as always at least equal to men is to render the women as objects of pity, bordering on contempt (especially as either asexual or homosexual), while seeking impossibly to popularize women who are rarely more than desirous of everything, and deserving of nothing—with all of a man’s vices yet none of his virtues, but still somehow “endearing.”

Of course such savagettes can appeal only to onlooking women who envy a man’s penis,[7] else onlooking men who envy a woman’s privilege.[8] But such fools are already dead, thus rendering irrelevant the “stones and pits”[9] of the misanthropists.


1. Sacrosanct within both the Republican and Democrat factions of the USA’s anti-life war-mongering uniparty is the satanic mantra that if a woman is poor, and she has children—then she is poor because she did not diligently murder her children; and thus the only thing standing in the way of utopia is the refusal of self-extermination among those whom the cultural gatekeepers designate as poor (and thus unworthy of children).
2. See, e.g., Aicha El Hammar Castano, et al., Belgium attacker stabs 2 cops in Liege, shoots them with their own guns (ABC, 2018) (illustrating how advocacy of putting women in police-forces, militaries, etc. causes—more than anything else—a disproprortionate amount of dead women).
3. See Erin O’Neill, Chris Smith says more than 54 million abortions have been performed since U.S. Supreme Court decided Roe v. Wade (Politifact, 2012); but see Wikipedia, Roe Effect (describing how murdering children implodes the number of cowardly child-murder advocates lurking throughout society).
4. Wikipedia, supra, note 3.
5. Consider, for example, Nancy Pelosi: she is a pro-murder, pro-war, pro-infanticide psychopath who, before joining the United States Congress to advocate for the murder of others’ children—birthed and raised five of her own.
6. Consider, for example, The Hunger Games—a hugely popular book series and movie series, where a small, weak women dashes around casually murdering all the unimportant “bad guys,” while remaining stoic—else, at worst, shedding a manly tear—whenever, to advance the plot, the important good guys and gals die (during the crescendoing of embarrassingly masturbatory strings).
7. Consider, for example, the small, weak MMA-pinup Miesha Tate decrying a sexual comment towards her by Conor McGregor, which she described as “very demeaning,” saying that it “treated her like [she was] lower than life because [she] is a woman”: “It referred to us as sexual.” See MMA on SiriusXM, Interview of Miesha Tate (March 13, 2019).
8. Consider, for example, the world-famous Olympian Bruce Jenner, who decided that only by castrating himself chemically and socially could he leverage the idolatry smeared upon his ugly wife and daughters, amid their popular show Keeping up with the Kardashians: until his castration, Jenner’s degenerate daughters—famous only for fornicating with a series of shit-colored savages—would, at most, ignore the world-famous athlete if not openly mock and scoff him, from behind crumbling walls of paint and silicone.
9. “Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein: and he that rolleth a stone, it will return upon him.” Proverbs 26:27, KJV.

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