Ed Day officially threatens to jail parents and kidnap children if any resist his new vaccine mandate in Rockland County

“Every action we have taken since the beginning of this [measles] outbreak has been designed, by the Department of Health . . . to do two things: maximize vaccinations, and minimize exposures,” asserted Ed Day,[1] executive of Rockland County, at a press-conference on March 26, 2019.

About a year earlier, at the 2018 inauguration for his second term as the county’s executive, Day declared[2] that his first term had “ushered in [an] era of renewal,” and told attendees that during his second term: “We now embark upon a full renaissance [rebirth] of our beloved county”—strategically Executive Day used the words “we” and “our” to portray his goals as something other than the enforcement of his own preferences.

Meanwhile, days ago at the press-conference, Day reported that his heavy-handed administration would be taking “the next step” in maximizing vaccinations—by conveniently declaring a state-of-emergency in the county, forbidding everyone under 18 from entering public spaces, and going door-to-door to check citizens’ vaccine status.

Day justified the autocratic, unconstitutional decision because of more than 100 reports of measles in the county over the last few months. Day further intimated—though left stated—that the outbreak was mostly or entirely among people who had been vaccinated.

Taking aim at those who choose not to expose their children to vaccines which the CDC reports can kill children,[3] Executive Day mocked: I have heard some say ‘those who contract the measles . . . become immune, so what is the difference? Why bother?’ The difference is that 83.7% of our confirmed cases [of measles] have been [people] 18 years of age or younger. That’s 128 young people who have fought this disease.”

Day then conveniently lied by omission: failing to point out that the immune system of  each of those young people has almost certainly fought off the disease, rendering each child effectively immune—all without the death-causing vaccines whose damage to people, especially children, have resulted in government payouts totalling billions of dollars, through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.[4]

Day continued: “Contracting the measles is not only dangerous while you have it, but it can lead to complications years later. Measles Parties are not the preferred treatment. Those days are over.”

By his use of the term “preferred treatment,” Day meant “the treatment preferred by certain government officials, especially those government officials who conspire with mutli-billion-dollar Big Pharma[5] to minimize the legal liability risked by Big Pharma for those adults and children who are permanently damaged, or killed, by vaccines.”

And by his use of the statement, “Those days are over,” Day meant that the days are over where his administration would allow citizens to dissent from exposing their children to the potentially-dangerous vaccines which he now declares are mandatory.

Day then concluded his anti-freedom fear-mongering by warning of the measles with terms that, in essence, likewise apply to the vaccines which he seeks to mandate: “Every new case is a roll of the dice [a matter of chance] that could bring on pneumonia, encephalitis (or swelling of the brain), cause premature birth, which can [lead to other] complications—even death.” Since Day’s talking-points included the risk of measles causing encephalitis, it is worth noting the hundred-million dollar vaccine injury award, for encephalopathy caused by the MMR vaccine.[6]

Then Day clarified that—fearful or not—parents will obey, or be prosecuted: “If you are found to be in violation of this declaration, your case will be referred to the District Attorney’s office [for prosecution]. That just comes with the emergency declaration, and is proscribed [sic] by law. Parents will be held accountable if they are found to be in violation of this state of emergency, and the focus of this effort is on the parents of these children: we are urging them [commanding them], once again—now with the authority of law: get your children vaccinated [or government officials in Rockland County, New York, will cage you and kidnap your children].”

The Oathkeepers,[7] a group dedicated to the rule of law and individual sovereignty as set out in the United States Constitution to which they took a personal oath (either as a police officer, military member or otherwise), have so far not declared their own state of emergency regarding Rockland County, which could result in Oathkeepers’ armed guardians arriving in Rockland to protect the citizens against the tyranny which Ed Day has announced.


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