The genetic forcefield surrounding Nevada

Scientific map of the genetic forcefield which surrounds Nevada

Common knowledge proves that women are simply wombs with legs and a mouth. Yet for centuries scientists have sought to understand exactly how these semen-receptacles are able, at times, to seem so human.

After yeterday’s scientific breakthrough, men are closer than ever to understanding women.

Researchers at AIPAC’s premiere think-tank, people for Judicious and Ethical Weiner-Sheath Hoarding (JEWSH) discovered what every sane person has always known: whenever someone scribbles down their preferences, then passes it down as a “law,” this process actually changes the physical realities of the universe.

For example, many thousands of slithering Jews have infiltrated the three branches of government: media, finance, and war. Thus, based on the conspiracies which parasitic Jews first whisper among each other, then inflict onto their host society as law, however passive-aggressively put: it is actually an objective moral truth that only evil, death-worthy psychopaths notice, much less mention, that Jews tend to cut up and suck baby penises—sometimes killing the child—as a form of initiation into the healthy, happy cult of Judaism.

Further, for decades researchers have conducted brain-scans which prove that the failures of teenage mothers whom society degrades and abandons to scare other girls out of pregnancy—these failures prove that sexual pleasure is actually pain, and maternal ecstasy is actually misery, for those women whom womb-wardens cordon off as “underage.”

Yet the newest brainscans from the politicians at leading universities have officially identified the various genes in women which appear, disappear, or mutate into their opposite—whenever someone decides to write a law.

“Even more stunning,” according to Dr. Some Boring Self-hating Kike, who managed the study, “not only laws have this effect on the genetic composition of the females which we wisely hold as communal property: simply crossing from one State to another can have a significant effect on the genes of our proprietary penis-less pets.

“For example: Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, and California form a sealed ring geographically, and throughout that ring, mother nature has, through the fleeting decrees of men, designated 17- and 18-year-old wombs as out-of-service: they are all the wombs of underage children. Yet interestingly, inside that 5-State geographical circle sits the State of Nevada. And in Nevada, mother nature seems to have rerouted the genetic encryptions, through evolution and political decrees, and so wombs actually function for women as young as 16 years of age.”

To confirm his pretense, Dr. Self-hating Kike conducted brainscans on one thousand female humans, as the females passed through the gene-altering force-field which separates the five-state ring from Nevada, and to his astonishment, whenever the chattle passed into or out of Nevada, several genes were fundamentally changed:

(1) the genes which create sexual pleasure all completely disappeared—and were replaced by genes which create social pain;
(2) wombs immediately turned on, when crossing into Nevada, and turned off immediately when crossing the genetic forcefield between Nevada and anywhere in the five state ring;
(3) female children traveling from the ring into Nevada became mature, informed, conscientious adults; whereas 16-year-old Nevadan women who travelled from Nevada outward all became sexually uninterested social-toddlers who didn’t even know what they wanted in life, and were still just kids—unless they had travelled by plane, passed over the genetic force-field, and landed in another of the 31 States where sex with a 16-year-old is not rape but romance.

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