Sydney Aiello, another rich anti-freedom degenerate loser from Parkland Florida, self-murders after a lifetime of cowardice, vanity, apathy, and tyranny


Sydney Aiello

Once upon a time, long before Minnesota became the retirement-State-of-choice for pitiful man-hating lesbians, a Minnesota woman tricked a Minnesota man into committing his life to her facade.[1]

Then, after marriage and child-birth in Minneapolis, Marjory Stoneman’s mother gradually began to reveal her vanity and insubordination. She assumed that her husband was too trapped into the situation to back out. But back out he did, which was appropriate for a God-fearing man: “Better to live on a corner of the roof than share a house with a quarrelsome wife.”[2]

Thereafter, the vain and insubordinate deadbeat mom poisoned her daughter, Mary, against her father[3]—then against God, when Marjory decided that she would reject God for not saving her mother from her mother’s own vanity and insubordination, instead allowing the mother to die as she lived: an insane, bad woman. “Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts.”[4]

Then Marjory Stoneman became Marjory Stoneman Douglas, after taking after her mom and fooling a man into marriage.[5] Then Marjory, after likewise being dismissed by divorce, took up various foolish causes that were popular in her day—including the clarion call that degenerate dykes, and disaffected unaffected women generally, deserved to vote men into wars. It was, in her day, called “women’s suffrage.”[6]

Then Marjory had a few mental break-downs before coasting through 108 years of limp life as a penis-envying woman progressively admired for the tedium through which she put those around her.[7]

Then Marjory Stoneman Douglas died as she lived: a lonely, unloved matron—addicted to exchanging the truth about God for a lie, and worshiping and serving created things rather than the Creator.[8]

But about a decade before her death, on her 100th birthday, Marjory received one of her many meaningless honors: a highschool was name after her[9] in Parkland, Florida: a city whose median house-price is more than half a million dollars,[10] and whose motto is “environmentally proud”[11]—playing on both the sin of pride and the sin of worshipping the creation (including a worship of themselves) instead of the Creator.[12]

A decade after the rotting, man-hating, God-hating degerate Douglas received her highschool namesake, Sydney Aiello was born to rich, rancid parents in Silverspoon, Florida.[13]

Nearly two decades later, Aiello and her rich bitch friends became the kind of rich losers who believe that rules do not apply to them, because consequences are for poor people.

Then one of Aiello’s rich neighbors fostered a rabid poor child named Nikolas Cruz;[14] so Aiello and her rich bitch friends decided to terrorize and bully Cruz[15]—just as the namesake of their highschool, Marjory Stoneman Douglas, had participated in bullying men into wars, while also bullying men (on behalf of other men) into allowing women to vote men into wars.[16]

Then Cruz rage-quit the abuse of Aiello and the others[17]—aborting a total of 17 postpartum fetuses,[18] including Aiello’s best friend[19]—Rich Bitch McGee.

Then Aiello tried everything she could think of to make life worth living: first she advocated for government to betray and disarm law-abiding citizens;[20] then she went on a yoga-retreat[21] to the luxurious slave-state of Costa Rica.[22] But nothing seemed to work. So she returned to the mansion where she was spoiled into insanity—just as Marjory Stoneman Douglas had been spoiled, decades before her—and shot herself in the head.[23] Good riddance.[24]


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