Live and let live: Delusion of “socially liberal fiscal conservatives”

Simple-minded pothead Joe Rogan, speaking to Satan-supremacist Alex Jones, lamented that although he is politically “already so left-leaning,” still minions of the political left will target Rogan for the left’s campaigns of mischaracterization and incitement.[1]

Effectively, the argument of those “progressives” who proclaim a preference for peace is, “As long as I play by the stated rules, I deserved the promised outcome: live and let live.”

Yet who made “the stated rules”? More importantly: who agreed to “the promised outcome”? And even more important: who agreed to ‘enforce’ the promised outcome?

Ultimately, this is how such simpletons as Joe Rogan collapse: under the weight of their own foolish faith in the systemizing of the spiritual—belief that legality can fundamentally dictate morality.

Meanwhile, and cosmic-soup[2] aside: every behavior has inherent consequences. And, for any given behavior, societies may choose one of three paths:

(1) to acknowledge and describe, as honestly and precisely as possible, the inherent consequences of the behavior;
(2) to graft additional consequences onto the behavior—whether (a) praising, to entice people into choosing the behavior; else (b) punishing, to entice people into forgoing the behavior;
(3) to subsidize a masking of the inherent consequences of the behavior—always at great expense, and with limited, temporary effect—to amplify either praise or punishment.

Thus, we have delusional potheads such as Joe Rogan, with their siren call[3] of “live and let live,” who myopically support, for example, “gay rights and abortion rights,”[4] while concomitantly decrying the inherent consequence of ubiquitous censorship (among other tyrannies), which necessarily follows from the social decision to promote child-murder and sexual degeneracy by masking the inherent consequences of each behavior, through grafting on the enticement of praise.

Those who, for example, promote child-murder and sexual degeneracy to cause the population-reduction which they psychotically crave: they will only allow else (i.e. anything valued by frail, myopic potheads, the extent of whose philosophy is, eventually, “live and let live”) to the extent that such allowance serves the goal of massive death, at least by distracting therefrom.

Things cost what they cost, else more.


1. See Infowars, Alex Jones interview of Joe Rogan, (March 26, 2019).
2. Cosmic Soup, as the origin of life, holds that, as Kent Hovind summarized it in his creation vs evolution debate against Michael Shermer: “Billions of years ago nothing exploded, then it rained on the rocks, and the rocks turned to soup, and the soup came alive.” Thus the only rules which really exist are those which the Cosmic Soup, itself, affixes onto itself.
3. In Homer’s Odyssey, the sirens lure sailing travelers from their goals, into the rocky shores of destruction. This is a metaphor for the sticky-sweet distractions which lure people away from life, and into self-destruction.
4. Joe Rogan is an advocate for child-murder and sexual degeneracy.

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