Clothing tags and the autism fraud: Pretended evolution of beat-dead moms and socialist psych-kikes

shirt tag causes autism

“Shirt tags cause autistic children to be ‘irritable’, whereas well-adjusted, non-autistic people love to have something annoying their neck” -Deadbeat moms and their kike psychiatrists

Each time a desperate, beat-dead mom succumbs to the temptation of branding a man as a “deadbeat dad,” a secondary branding must occur of the children, especially the sons, as “dysfunctional,” and the cause of the dysfunction—caused by the deadbeat mom’s unilateral estrangement—must be pretended to be the father, or else the situation looks like what it is: a weak, selfish woman trashing the hopes, and retarded the potential, of herself, her children, and their father.

Thus, to manage the fact that she was incapable of managing one man, she supplicates instead to many men—the government. And those power-hungry many men are only too happy to factionalize and fracture yet another family—seizing the father in their net of central-planning, especially the military; typically rendering the children as nothing but masochistic, docile derelicts; and then pretending that the woman is the head of the family, which she happily mimics because it mirrors the modeling she has seen by “strong single-mothers,” as promoted by the atheist socialist zionist media, whose governors coordinate with the worst of politicians to implode families in order to render each family member relatively rootless, thus susceptible to the suggestions of socialist governors’ psych-kike clergy.

To say the least, this short-sighted ZOG nonsense only works in the extreme short-term.  Yet the anti-Socialist mythologies erected by those corporatists who currently hollow out the West: those mythologies expediently exalt Socialism as more than a self-defeating bubble; so plenty book-smart Jews and their well-behaved mongrel pets believe that the heavy hand of anti-family Socialism is a sustainable conspiracy.

“….by their fruits you will know them” -Matthew 7:15-20

Meanwhile, as soon as thought, those machinations become fossils of the conspirators’ vanity—and the vain must then spend the entirety of their lives to manage even a moment of their fruit being misperceived.

Instead, every single result reflects the failure of the fools’ folly—these socialist men and their deadbeat mom pawns—as when the fraud of “autism” became the branding-of-choice for the fools: the pretentiously pretended objective standard by which the fools distracted from the role of their abuse in the destruction of children.

And the fraud of “autism” was described as both “hypersensitivity” and “irritability” and “overexcitability. Then a child thus embattled grew to be a man, and invented tagless shirts, and thus hacked away another branch—another symptom—of the doomed conspirators’ tool of child-abuse as hegemony.

shirtless tag for the autistic

“One day, I just had a crazy idea: make a tagless shirts and sell them to all the brain-damaged autistic people who hate being annoyed. But it turns out that ‘irritability’ is just one of a myriad ways that bad moms and their psych-kike enablers torture children into docile misery.” -Adolf Hitler, inventor of ‘tagless shirts’.

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