The nonsense of “virtue-signaling”

The nonsense of “virtue signaling”

Among the myriad misnomers strewn about the pallid patchwork-patriarchy of psychiatry and discontents is the inane inclusion of the selectively-vilified social presentation of “superficial charm,” among indicators of sociopathy, even psychopathy. Meanwhile, in the real world—outside of the tyrannical, masturbatory gauntlet of psychiatry: charm is, by definition, superficial. Thus “superficial charm” is simply a tone-drenched word-salad.

Moreover, over the last several decades of hyper-industrial wheel-reinvention, many such misnomers have been hatched, proven their futility, and faded back into the vast potential.

Currently, an especially loved twist in this labyrinth of laborious listlessness is to nip and tuck at someone’s reputation among the asinine by signaling of their “virtue sigaling.” Yet that which the culture of such vultures allots as “virtue” is, without exception, simply arbitrarily-rewarded, amoral habits proudly signaled unto pits of parched, pliant plebes.

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