When lust and envy, towards over-ripened celebrities, flashes and fades (RE college admissions “scandal”)

Among the freshest political archaeology currently propped up and paraded around as proof that “perpetual war is SO five minutes ago,” the centrifugal force of pop-culture hypocrisy has again flung off, from the carousel of corrupt and corked clamoring, another 15 minutes worth of barbecued scapegoat meat, as it was recently re-re-reee-discovered that familial sets of mediocre celebrity narcissists tend to circumvent those mythologically exacting standards to which modern fans and followers of mediocre narcissists hold the hundreds, even thousands, of mediocre narcissists which the fans and followers fawn over and follow.

Up next on the cultural chopping-block against which the next installment of preening, sanctimonious narcissists will feign principled opposition: a handful of new-money nobodies, who spared the rod of reality—spoiling their children—then tried to bribe away their seed’s mediocrity by frantically shuffling, to unarmed college-administrators, meager piles of Zionist war-bonds: shepherded pseudo-shekels lent to the narcissists, at interest, by the non-federal, reserve-less Federal Reserve—a front operation of Zionist mafias, which serves simply to launder the digital zeros and ones which, it is pretended, compel credulous zealots to support the perpetual terrorism of the anti-Jewish atheist-terrorist Zionists who currently occupy Palestine.

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