Niggers make awesome ”Hunger Games” rap video at Christchurch New Zealand Mosque (SFTU 2623)

Watch on Bitchute

Never mind that link the above link: Bitchute has censored the video—at least for now, and probably permanently.

So here is the video:


Quote highlights from the video

  1. “[White] Devil’s get shot” -Millionaire nigger Ice Cube;
  2. “Bitches ain’t shit but hoes and tricks” -Millionaire mainstream nigger Snoop Dogg;
  3. “When God give the word, we herd like the buffalo, through your neighborhood: watch me blast…” -Millionaire mainstream nigger Ice Cube;
  4. “Now, I change my style up, bodies pile up” -Millionaire mainstream nigger Ice Cube;
  5. “I’m killing more crackers than Bosnia-Herzegovina” -Millionaire mainstream nigger Ice Cube;
  6. “You [whites] treat me like a germ because you’re scare of the [black] super-sperm” -Millionaire mainstream nigger Ice Cube;
  7. “When I grab my sawed-off (shotgun), niggers get hauled off” -Millionaire mainstream nigger Dr. Dre;
  8. “Barrel 1: tears your motherfucking flesh; barrel 2: tears your fucking heart out of your chest” -Millionaire mainstream niggers Ice Cube & Dr. Dre;
  9. Fun fact: the same (((people))) created both this rap song (that is playing) and the ongoing U.S. terrorism which has displaced millions of innocent Muslims, Africans, and others, throughout the world;
  10. “It’s just such a mystery: why are niggers so violent in the USA!?” -Celebrities & politicians who know that the small fraction of blacks who commit all the black violent crime—they listen to this music [murder-rap] religiously;
  11. “I want to blast motherfuckers. It feels like I am busting a nut (ejaculating) when I open you up (tear apart your body)” -Millionaire mainstream nigger Ice Cube;
  12. “I’m down with [Dr.] Dre like AC [Al Cowlings] is down with OJ [Simpson] (ready to side with a psychotic nigger who nearly decapitated his white ex-wife) -Millionaire mainstream niggers Ice Cube;
  13. “I snatch [a white person] out of his truck, hit him with a brick, and I’m dancing” -Millionaire mainstream niggers Ice Cube (this is a praising reference to the violent nigger who famously danced after randomly almost killing Reginald Denny during the 1992 LA riots);
  14. “Let’s go shoot up that NRA even that is full of well-armed people who are able to defend themselves and easily end our pathetic lives” -No mass-shooters ever;
  15. “Fun fact: In USA’s pop-culture, violent niggers often receive a status of moral-superiority over violent whites because blacks never commit ‘mass-shootings.’ Spoiler alert: that’s only because mass-shootings require more strategy than ball-bouncing and bragging.”
  16. “Possible plot-twist: the mosque was full of people who advocate for the murder of cartoonists who draw pictures of Islam’s child-raping ‘prophet’ Mohammad.”
  17. “An addiction to mentally masturbating while watching murder-glamorizing literature, like The Hunger Games, is normal & healthy” -Insane people;

…and they lived happily ever after.

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