Bitchute: just another fake-freedom platform run by anti-freedom censors

This morning, I uploaded a video to Bitchute about the Christchurch mosque false-flag shooting (i.e. while the shooting seems to have indeed occurred, it is yet another event being politicized to “false flag” for a preferred result: to feign moral superiority, and to leverage the event to trumpet unrelated political advocations—for example gun-confiscation).

Bitchute censored the video—declaring that users are not allowed to see my analysis.

Message from Bitchute on my censored video

This video has been blocked for breaching the site community guidelines, and is currently unavailable.

You should have received an email to your registered email address detailing the reasoning behind this decision.

If you have not, or wish to appeal against the decision then please submit an Appeal. (And word “appeal” links to Bitchute’s appeal form.)

My “appeal”

I did not receive any email that explains the reasoning behind the blocking of my video—a video which documents how black celebrities have routinely received millions of dollars, and huge fame, for glamorizing the exact kind of behavior as allegedly occurred in New Zealand on March 15, 2019.

For example, as illustrated in my video which Bitchute minders have decided to censor: In his song Enemy (explicitly about whites being black enemies), rapper Ice Cube brags “change my style up, bodies pile up.” Well if a culture is willing to celebrate—or at least tolerate the celebrating of—someone for saying such things, then that same culture should be able to tolerate the juxtaposition of those words with what such actions actually look like.

Bitchute’s automated response

Thank you for submitting your appeal. We will investigate and inform you of the outcome.

My prediction

My “irreverence” was never a problem, back when I was criticizing George W. Bush with songs and blogs. Now, as someone routinely censored by limp leftists ever since Barack Obama was pawned as the figured of USA’s ZOG policies, I have a good sense of the justifications given by limp leftists for their vain, pitiful censorship campaigns; and I predict that the limp leftist censors at Bitchute will not cite “racism” nor “antisemitism” for their censorship of my video.

Rather, the ban will be reasoned on either or both of the following foolish points:

Reason 1: It is “copyright infringement” to demonstrate Zionists giving violence-advocating niggers millions of dollars for glamorizing voilence against white people;

Reason 2: Bitchute has decided to mass-censor all “unofficial” uses of the video footing that allegedly shows a mass-shooting at a mosque in Christchurch New Zealand (NZ) on March 15, 2019. (Note: “official uses,” on the other hand, include pitying Muslims; demonizing whites; calling for gun-confiscation in NZ and beyond; and other such strategic political incitements).

Thus, this is likely just another indication of an ongoing political “cold war,” where media-management is key.

Moreover, I don’t expect a response from an actual person at Bitchute—rather, only another stuffy, automated response with vague references to generalized wrongthought provisions in Bitchute’s “terms of service.”

Predictable. Pitiful.

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