FULL TEXT: manifesto of shooter at Christchurch New Zealand Mosque

To read the manifesto of the shooter at Christchurch New Zealand Mosque CLICK HERE (it is a PDF file).

Media Blackout of manifesto, including among the pitiful “alternative media”

nyt tacky headines

“A mass shooting of, and for, the internet” -The kind of tacky, soulless headline one should expect from the Zionist-infested New York Times

Unlike the shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA—information about the Christchurch New Zealand Mosque shooting is actually coming out quickly; probably because today’s shooting in NZ fits the narrative of the Zionist-controlled media.

Still, even alternative outlets such as LiveLeak and Reddit are all acting like pompous gatekeepers—refusing to provide the manifesto of the Christchurch New Zealand Mosque shooter; choosing instead to refer to the manifesto, while making a point to state sanctimoniously that they “will not post it, so stop asking,” as one loser on Reddit actually put it.

Manifesto’s “reverse-psychology” worries Big Brother—and all the wannabe little brothers

Meanwhile, the manifesto can be easily understood, in large part, as simply a bunch of “reverse-psychology” that only the left’s black pets will be dumb enough to believe (for example the shooter’s mention of Candace Owens). This reverse-psychology tells anti-freedom leftists exactly what they want to hear, in order to tempt them into being even more anti-freedom towards rightists, with the hope that rightists will react.

Shooter’s manifesto reads like business-as-usual among the terrorists of the mainstream media

Yet the most effective way that the goals of the shooter are being spread is by selective reporting—even of mass-shootings; and by the strategic incitement the left employs during such events. Indeed, the manifesto of the shooter at Christchurch New Zealand Mosque reads like a backroom meetings among the media terrorists in the USA who variously falsify the George Zimmerman 9-11 call during the fiasco involving violent thug Trayvon Martin; who proliferate the Black Lives Matter fraud of “hands up, don’t shoot;” who lie by omission about the death of Freddie Gray death in Baltimore—neglecting to mention that virtually everyone involved was black; and on, and on.

Meanwhile, ZOG terrorism against Muslims continues worldwide

Ultimately, the anti-Jewish atheist-terrorist Zionists who currently occupy Palestine—they, with their stranglehold on media and banking, continue to decide who notices what—at the expense of reason and reality; and so, in the end, the shooting at the Christchurch New Zealand Mosque is the same for onlookers as was the shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA: Just an exciting distraction from the ongoing worldwide terrorism by the United States and “Israel.”

Prediction: shooter will witness the war he wants


religion of peaceMoreover, I predict that the shooter at Christchurch New Zealand Mosque will, in his lifetime, see realized his hopes for widespread combat—not because he killed a handful of frumpy ninjas and pedophile-worshipers, but rather because the leftist media comfortably and casually report with such strategically consistent inaccuracy (amid a dangerously stupefied citizenry) such false-narratives as the Jussie Smollet stupidity, the nonsense about Nick Sandmann of Covington, etc., which eventually will necessitate open rebellion and combat.

For now, it is enough to revisit the sloth and silliness of the average pawn of the modern slave-states, in a video that was uploaded to LiveLeak with a title of “Moment a police officer dramatically drags one of the suspected Christchurch mosque shooters from a car.” For all the laughing loser knew—that situation was nothing…or everything…or whatever. In any case, such laughing losers will be likely be slaughtered by the millions during the next neo-Malthusian socialist purge.


Oh, and by the way: The manifesto looks fake as hell, and this whole event seems like an absolute false-flag.


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