The importance of polite impotence

Joe “Kermit the Frog on steroids” Rogan recently masturbated with Twitter’s Jack “cool coder” Dorsey; Dorsey’s muddy “Texan” paki-proxy of “trust, safety, and public policy” Vijaya “doo-doo derma dalit” Gadde; and eunuch superstar Tim Pool—all decisively dissimulating about whether, and if so then to what extent, anti-freedom monoliths have a moral obligation to enfranchise their political opponents to chatter churlishly and impotently against the leaves and branches of the monolith.

Omitting, likely by mere ignorance, that no collective has ever thus enfranchised dissent (except as a strataegy of controlled-opposition to prevent more meaningful, i.e. more dangerous, dissent), the four mind-numbed nerds meandered mirthfully—from data-driven analyses of morality, to caste casted criteria of who may mention reality.

Benevolently, the three people present based more so on merit deigned that the brown and penisless prop, Gadde, should be set as the conversational centerpiece for all the gracious, obsequious, impotent team-building affected by the pretended opponents, who, in the end, all agreed that going through the motions of seeking justice—and speaking with sniveling, sanctimonious reverence thereto—was far more meaningful than to realize actual justice.

Ultimately much was gleaned about how to smirk while spinning plates, spinning tales, spinning webs, and treading quicksand—with “eyes on the prize.” Because, it was briefly supposed, all that rhymes is reason, and all limp hopes shall happen—just as all that glitters is gold.

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